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Enteroscopy Devices

Our portfolio of enteroscopy devices support single and balloon and double balloon enteroscopes (230cm length).


Articulator Injection Needle

The Articulator™ injection needle is a reliable, yet affordable, needle ideal for everyday use and dependable enough for the most immediate needs. From saline assisted polypectomy to esophageal varices, ulcers, and tattooing, the Articulator™ injection needle is the steadfast choice for injection therapy.


BioShield Biopsy Valve

Single-use valves promote patient safety and support infection control guidelines. Small valve size. Design promotes device passage offer exceptional functionality during usage.


BioShield Irrigating Adaptor

For use with BioShield® biopsy valves, this adaptor maximizes direct, intraprocedural irrigation.

BioShield Irrigator

BioShield Irrigator

The BioShield® irrigator affords immediate, direct, intraprocedural irrigation. Simply attach a 60cc syringe to the irrigation line, or use extension tubing to connect with your water pump for hands-free, foot pedal control.


BioShield Water Pump Extension Tubing

Extension tubing to complement the BioShield® irrigator and the BioVac® direct suction device for hands-free foot pedal control.

Bipolar Hemostasis Probes

Bipolar Hemostasis Probes

With a Hydromer tip to mitigate tissue sticking to the probe tips, its universal length can be used for EGD, enteroscopy and colonoscopy.

Disposable biopsy forceps - enteroscope

Disposable Biopsy Forceps - Enteroscope

Our premium biopsy forceps are built with stainless steel cups and state-of-the-art technology - 350cm length for enteroscopy procedures. 

Disposable Hot Biopsy Forceps - Enteroscope

Disposable Hot Biopsy Forceps - Enteroscope

With all of the features of our standard biopsy forceps, the hot biopsy forceps have insulated sheaths designed for maximum flexibility and protection - 350cm for enteroscopy procedures. 

Jumbo Channel Cleaning Brush - Enteroscope

The Jumbo cleaning brush offers maximum cleaning for channels 2.8mm - 9.0mm.

Large Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector

Large Endo-Boot Endoscope Tip Protector

This single-use option cushions delicate endoscopes more than 9mm in diameter during transport and storage to help prevent costly damage.

Roth Net Retriever - Enteroscope

The Roth Net® enteroscopic retriever is the ideal retrieval device for removal of excised polyps and foreign bodies, it's unique net design offers a comfortable measure of safety and security during procedures.

Short Throw polypectomy snare - standard oval

Short Throw™ Polypectomy Snare – Standard Oval

  • Offers a 25% stroke travel reduction with its short throw handle
  • Operates in tortuous conditions or complex polypectomy procedures
  • Single-use oval short throw snare design promotes patient safety

Valve/Control Head Cleaning Brush

Valve/Control Head Cleaning Brush

An enhanced brush featuring a full head of soft bristles to aid in removal of gross material from the control head and valve openings. Ridged "barbell" handle is designed with grooves for a comfortable, steady grip.