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  Step 1 Pre-Cleaning and Transport
Pre-Cleaning Cleaning Disinfecting  

Pre-cleaning is one of the most important steps in endoscope reprocessing.
It removes exterior soil and begins the process of breaking down soils inside scope channels.
To make bedside pre-cleaning easier and more effective, STERIS has developed the Revital-Ox™ 
system for bedside cleaning.

Revital-Ox Bedside Complete™

Revital-Ox Bedside Complete is an all-in-one enzymatic cleaner and impregnated sponge bedside kit formulated to pre-clean flexible or rigid endoscopes, accessories and surgical instruments.

With Bedside Complete, you now have all the necessary solutions to prepare your device for transport. Bedside Complete contains Revital-Ox Enzymatic Detergent, formulated to easily remove soils from the device’s exterior.

The unique packaging of Revital-Ox Bedside Complete was designed to prevent spills and streamline the entire pre-cleaning process.

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Revital-Ox Flexible Container System

The Revital-Ox Flexible Container is designed to safely transport or soak flexible endoscopes. This large-diameter tray safely fits coiled endoscopes and allows for complete immersion. The easy lift-off lid completely covers the tray. Dimensions: 20 in. diameter.

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Revital-Ox Rigid Container System

The Revital-Ox Rigid Container is designed with three parts to transport, pre-soak or process rigid endoscopes and accessories. This container includes a solid based tray, drip tray and cover. Devices can be safely transported to the processing area sealed with the container cover or used as a soaking container for High Level Disinfection.
Dimensions: 21 in. x 13 in. x 6 in.

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