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Horizontal Attachment #1800

Horizontal Attachment #1800 mounts neurosurgical headrests to head end of AMSCO 1080 & AMSCO 2080 Surgical Table's back section and head or foot end of AMSCO 3080 & AMSCO 3085 Surgical Tables.


Order Number: BF008

Mounts neurosurgical headrests to STERIS & AMSCO® Surgical Tables. Can be attached at the head end (into back section) or at the foot end (into leg section) of compatible general surgical tables. Ball joints allow full angular positioning of headrest.

Other Attachments Required:

  • Order Number: BF036, Horseshoe Headrest
  • Order Number: BF185, Eye-ENT-Neuro Headrest Adapter when used with AMSCO 3080 and AMSCO 3085 Surgical Tables
  • Order Number: BF173, Eye-ENT-Neuro Headrest Adapter when used with Cmax (Gen. 1; NA only), 4085, 4095, 5085, 5085 Harmony and 5095 Surgical Tables
  • Order Number: BF309, Eye-ENT-Neuro Headrest Adapter when used 5085 SRT Surgical Tables

Table Compatibility:

  • AMSCO® 3080 Surgical Table
  • AMSCO® 3085 Surgical Table
  • STERIS Cmax Surgical Table (Gen. 1; NA only)
  • STERIS 4085 Surgical Table
  • STERIS 4095 Surgical Table
  • STERIS 5085 Surgical Table
  • STERIS 5085 Harmony Surgical Table
  • STERIS 5085 SRT Surgical Table
  • STERIS 5095 Surgical Table

Usage: For support of patient's head when patient is in supine or prone position.

Surgical Tables

STERIS® 5085 SRT Surgical Table

  • The 5085 SRT's innovative 5th wheel design allows one caregiver to safely and easily move patients from pre-op to OR to post-op.

STERIS® 4085 General Surgical Table

  • The STERIS 4085 General Surgical Table's design gives a surgical team the flexibility, control and convenience they need for today's patients and procedures.

AMSCO® 3085 SP Surgical Table

  • The AMSCO 3085 General Surgical Table is one of the most reliable and popular surgical tables.
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