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TKR Positioner

  • Provides stability and intraoperative positioning during total knee replacement surgery
  • Easy to use and completely rigid when locked
  • Eliminates the need for well leg positioners
  • Locks in any position with a simple turn of the wrist


The TKR Positioner is an orthopedic accessory providing stability and intraoperative positioning of the patient's leg during total knee replacement surgery. The system is comprised of a sliding track, a ball joint foot support, and an attachment bracket.

How the TKR Positioner Works

The sliding foot support on the track allows for a full range of articulations including flexion, extension, rotation and tilt of the knee. The TKR Position is available with a 24" Track system (BF155) or 30" Track system (BF156). The CamLock Rail Clamp (BF158) and Disposable Sterile TKR Boot Liners (BF157) are required and sold separately. All non-disposable components can be sterilized in an autoclave. The disposable, sterile boot liner is available to help minimize the risk of surgical site infection.

Why the TKR Positioner?

Assurance – The TKR Positioner provides reliable stability and intraoperative positioning of the patient's leg during total knee replacements.


  • 24" Track system (BF155)
    • 11" W x 8" D x 24" H
  • 30" Track system (BF156)
    • 11" W x 8 "D x 30" H

Weight Capacity:

  • Do not exceed stated patient weight capacity for any surgical table accessory. Please reference the accessory IFU for details. Additionally, the accessory weight may need to be included when calculating total permissible patient load for this surgical table.

Not manufactured with natural rubber latex.

CamLock Rail Clamp
(BF158 - US Version)

Disposable Sterile TKR Boot Liners
(BF157 – Box of 12 Liners)

Both of these products are required and must be ordered separately.

Split Leg Positioner

  • Radiolucent, carbon fiber construction for enhanced image clarity
  • Full ab/adduction and lithotomy positioning for procedural versatility

Schure Loc™ XPS Limb Positioner

  • Provides rigid fixation of operative limb during shoulder surgery
  • Enables unlimited range of motion for shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff and total shoulder replacement procedures

Schure Loc XPS Adaptor

Schure Loc XPS Elbow & Ankle Positioner Adaptor

  • Safely and effectively hold upper and lower extremities
  • Unique pivot design enables infinite positioning for orthopedic procedures

Schure Loc XPS TKR Positioner Attachment

  • Designed for total knee replacements
  • Works with the Schure Loc XPS Arm Positioner (BF041)

Schure Loc XPS Counter Traction Post Attachment

  • Provides convenient, countertraction support for a variety of procedures
  • Works with Schure Loc XPS Arm Positioner (BF041)
Product Number Description  
BF155 TKR Positioner 24" Track
BF156 TKR Positioner 30" Track
BF157 BF157 Disposable Sterile TKR Boot Liners
BF158 CamLock Rail Clamp
Document # Document Title
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