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Traction Accessory Clamp

Traction Accessory Clamp

  • Independent knob controls for attachment and height positioning
  • Constructed of durable stainless steel
  • Compatible with Amsco Orthopedic Extension and former Amsco OrthoVision Orthopedic table
  • Sold as an each unit


The Traction Accessory Clamp is designed to secure accessories with either a round or square post to be used with the carbon fiber abductor bars of the STERIS Amsco Orthopedic Extension and former Amsco OrthoVision and OrthoGraphic Orthopedic Tables. The clamp can be attached to either side of abductor bars for mounting orthopedic accessories. Dual knobs allow for independent attachment to the abductor bar’s length from one knob and height positioning of the accessory from the other knob.

Table Compatibility:

Compatible with the Amsco Orthopedic Extension and former Amsco OrthoVision and OrthoGraphic Orthopedic Tables.


Body's outer diameter - 4 7/32" D x 4 3/8" H; Receptacle's inner diameter – 1" W x 1" D

Weight Capacity:

The accessory does not alter the stated weight capacity of the table, unless the weight capacity of the table is higher than that of the accessory.

Not manufactured with natural rubber latex

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