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HarmonyAIR® M-Series Surgical Lighting System

Experience the difference in coolness, comfort and clarity.

  • Pure, white brilliance
  • Superior color rendition
  • Designed to grow with you


Exceptional visualization means better patient outcomes

The HarmonyAIR M-Series Surgical Lighting System provides exceptional surgical site illumination, while its HD capable suspension is modular and upgradeable, adapting to your needs as they change.

The M-Series surgical light delivers up to 160,000 lux of pure, white LED light with overlapping beams that virtually eliminate shadows. Sterile handle controls adjust the focus and brightness intensity to consistently assess and interpret tissue and vessel appearance. The system’s design is modular and upgradeable, protecting your capital investment as your needs change.

Pure, white brilliance

M-Series high-performance optics mean you see virtually every detail of the exposed tissue.

  • Bright, wide illumination of the surgical spot makes the spot visibly brighter, with crisp, defined edges. Uniform beam and greater depth of field means no hot or cold spots and less visual distraction or eye fatigue
  • Uses 70% less energy per light head than previous LED technology, producing less heat to provide a more comfortable OR experience for the surgical staff while reducing the risk of drying out exposed tissue
  • Overlapping beams of light virtually eliminate shadows caused by obstructions at the surgical site
  • Longer-life LED bulbs last in excess of 60,000 hours

Superior color rendition

  • Uses a single-color, phosphorcoated LED chip for crisp, white light which provides natural color rendition
  • Better tissue discrimination with a CRI of up to 96
  • Better discrimination of deep, saturated reds with an R9 value of up to 98

Designed to Grow with You

M-Series HD-capable suspension's design gives you the freedom to choose video devices and technologies to meet your changing needs, now and in the future.

  • Grows with you - add lightheads, ambient light, monitors, radiation shield, HD in-light camera and more
  • An open architecture design accommodates any HD signal, regardless of the manufacturer or signal type
  • Add Harmony® ConnectPoint Video Connectivity System for video integration without costly or drawn-out renovations
  • Modular suspension options allow you to position equipment where you want it-when you need it
  • Suspension systems are American-made and feature STERIS-exclusive design


Harmony LED :Single Surgical Light Head System

Single Surgical Light Head System

Harmony LED :Single Surgical Light Head System with Single Surgical Monitor

Single Surgical Light Head System with Single Surgical Monitor

Harmony LED :Dual Surgical Light Head System

Dual Surgical Light Head System

Dual Surgical Light Head System with Single Surgical Monitor

Dual Surgical Light Head System with Single Surgical Monitor

Harmony LED :Triple Surgical Light Head System

Triple Surgical Light Head System

Dual Surgical Light Head System with Dual Surgical Monitors

Dual Surgical Light Head System with Dual Surgical Monitors

Dual Surgical Light Head System with Four Surgical Monitors

Dual Surgical Light Head System with Four Surgical Monitors


Harmony LED :Exempla Lutheran Medical Center

Max Central Illuminace

160,000 lux

160,000 lux

Average pattern sizes

7-11" (18-28 cm)

8.5"-12" (22-30 cm)

Color temperature

4400K +/- 300K

4400K +/- 300K.

CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Up to 96

Up to 96.

R9 (deep saturated red color index)

Up to 98

Up to 98.

Power Consumption

40 watts

200 watts

Heat-to-light ratio (mW/m2-1x)



Average LED bulb life

60,000 hrs

30,000 hrs


Surgical Light Accessories

  • Surgical and examination light handles
  • Video connectivity system

View the Ceiling Systems Accessories Catalog

  • See hundreds of accessory options

Other Surgical Lights

HarmonyAIR G-Series Surgical Lighting System

  • Uses a single-color, phosphor coated LED chip for crisp, white light
  • Consumes less than 1/3 the power of previous generations of LEDs

Surgical Equipment

Surgical Tables

  • General surgical tables
  • Orthopedic surgical tables
  • Radiolucent imaging surgical tables

OR Integration

  • Designed to improve workflow, procedure guidance and peer collaboration
  • Deliver scalable solutions to best fit the diverse needs of the OR

Surgical Displays

  • Surgical field and wall-mounted displays
  • Deliver HD and 4K visualization within the surgical field

AMSCO Warming Cabinet

  • Designed to store and warm sterile intravenous (IV) and surgical irrigation fluids, linens, and blankets
  • Available in sizes to meet every clinical need

Scrub Sinks

  • Available with one, two, or three stations
  • Equipped with non-aerating rose spray faucet heads

Surgical Table Accessories

  • Provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with enhanced radiolucency and higher patient weight capacities

OR Storage Solutions

  • Stationary OR storage cabinets
  • Endoscope storage cabinets
  • Mobile storage carts

Nurse Documentation Stations

  • Accommodates unique operating room requirements
  • Designed in collaboration with architects, equipment planners and nurses

Harmony® ConnectPoint® Video Connectivity System
Harmony ConnectPoint systems provide power and video signal connections from a flexible arm attached to any STERIS surgical lighting system. With factory tested pre-wired arms, the Harmony ConnectPoint system is designed for durability and reliability. The Harmony ConnectPoint solution can be added at any time, now or in the future, as your room needs evolve. This is the perfect solution to quickly integrate your room and increase surgeon visualization for a fraction of the cost of a complete room renovation. Flexible, efficient and reliable video connectivity, the innovative STERIS Harmony ConnectPoint solution solves your toughest positioning challenges.

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