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HarmonyAIR® E-Series Surgical Lighting System

  • 70+ year legacy in surgical lighting married with the suspension system of tomorrow creates a new controlled surgical experience
  • Superior shadow control through patented WaveLens technology that creates thousands of beams of light
  • Provides the color, clarity, contrast and control needed for today's Operating Room (OR)
  • Groundbreaking suspension system glides with ease and stays where you want it


The HarmonyAIR E-Series Surgical Lighting System is a future-ready Operating Room lighting system. This Light Emitting Diode (LED) surgical light delivers pure, white brilliant light to illuminate the surgical site to allow surgeons to accurately and consistently assess anatomical appearance. With LED lighthead technology, a revolutionary new braking system, and aerospace-inspired suspension system, the HarmonyAIR E-Series Surgical Light is designed to grow with your Operating Room as your needs evolve.

How the HarmonyAIR E-Series Surgical Lighting System Works

The HarmonyAIR E-Series Surgical Light offers superior shadow control through patented WaveLens technology that creates thousands of beams of light. Hot and cold spots are eliminated, and visual distraction and eye fatigue are reduced through a more uniform beam and larger depth of field. The HarmonyAIR E-Series Surgical Light’s revolutionary braking system provides more efficient braking surface, eliminating the possibility of drift and ensuring consistent, stable and precise positioning of the lighthead during a procedure. Patented airfoil-designed suspension arms mitigate air turbulence for laminar flow Operating Rooms.

Why the HarmonyAIR E-Series Surgical Lighting System?

  • LED Lighthead Technology – Patented WaveLens technology offers superior shadow control by creating thousands of beams of light, while a more uniform beam and larger depth of field is designed to lessen surgeon eye fatigue. The LED array of the lighthead consumes less than 1/3 the energy of previous LED technology.
  • Patent-Pending Braking System – Allows you to safely and securely lock the suspension system - precisely where you want it.
  • Aerospace-Inspired Suspension System – Constructed from aluminum, the suspension system is 30% lighter than traditional steel, promoting maneuverability and ease of use.
  • Future-Ready – Expandable as OR needs change, the surgical light's suspension system accommodates up to two auxiliary arms to support additional lightheads, ConnectPoint power and video heads, monitors, and more.



Max Central Illuminance

160,000 lux

Average pattern sizes

7-11" (18-28 cm)

Color temperature

4400K +/- 300K

CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Up to 96

R9 (deep saturated red color index)

Up to 98

Power Consumption

40 watts

Heat-to-light ratio (mW/m2 -1x)


Average LED bulb life

60,000 hrs

Brake Ring Technology

5+ Years Without Adjustment

Lightweight Suspension

30% Lighter than Previous Generations

Airfoil Designed Suspension

Minimizes Air Turbulance

Future Ready

Add up to two (2) Auxiliary Arms

Surgical Light Accessories

Light Handles

  • Sterile control of light intensity, pattern, power, and positioning
  • Easy, secure attachment

Harmony® ConnectPoint®
Video Connectivity System

  • Provides power and video signal connections from a flexible arm

  • Supports all standard video signals, easily delivering surgical video to connected displays or OR integration systems

Other Surgical Lights

HarmonyAIR® M-Series Surgical Lighting System

  • Delivers up to 160,000 lux of pure, white light
  • Offers better tissue discrimination with a CRI of up to 96

HarmonyAIR® G-Series Surgical Lighting System

  • Uses a single-color, phosphor coated LED chip for crisp, white light
  • Consumes less than 1/3 the power of previous generations of LEDs

Examination Lights

HexaLux® Exam Light

  • Delivers up to 65,000 lux of pure, white LED light
  • Includes five light intensity levels and configurations that mount to the ceiling, wall or mobile unit
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