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HexaLux® Exam Light

Experience the clear difference in coolness, comfort and natural color rendition inherent in pure, white LED light in your exam room. One light. Many possibilities.

  • Delivers up to 65,000 lux of pure, white LED light
  • Includes five light intensity levels and configurations that mount to the ceiling, wall or mobile unit
  • Central handle can be removed and sterilized allowing for full sterile control of all light features


The HexaLux Exam Light is a powerful, next-generation LED exam light designed to be used in a multitude of rooms including the exam room, birthing suite, or intensive care unit.

Lasting LED power

The HexaLux Exam Light has a high R9 value — 97 — and 65,000 Lux designed to last over 50,000 hours. With its 16 LEDs, the HexaLux Light provides a competitive, affordable option for exam room lighting needs.

Design versatility

The HexaLux Exam Light's design includes five light intensity levels and configurations that mount to the ceiling, wall, rail or mobile unit, while the modular design and partial assembly of the unit allows for a quick installation and less room downtime. The mobile unit offers various accessories, including a shelf, basket, and retractable power cord, providing flexibility and organization of supplies when moving room to room.

Sterilizable, centrally controlled handle

For ease of use, all of the light’s features are controlled from a central handle, which can be removed and sterilized for use in minor surgical procedures.



Light intensity

Up to 65,000 Lux

Pattern size

5.5" to 8.1" (14cm to 20.5 cm)

Color temperature

4,400 K (+/- 6%)

CRI (Color Rendering Index)

95 (+/- 6%)

R9 (deep saturated red color index)

97 (+/- 6%)

Average LED bulb life

50,000 Hours


Surgical Light Accessories

  • Surgical and examination light handles
  • Video connectivity system

Other Surgical Lights

Harmony® LED385 Examination Lighting System

  • Delivers 50,000 lux of pure, bright white light for accurate diagnoses
  • Allows for instant adjustment of light intensity with fingertip controls

Surgical Equipment

Surgical Tables

  • General surgical tables
  • Orthopedic surgical tables

Surgical Displays

  • Surgical field and wall-mounted displays
  • Deliver HD and 4K visualization within the surgical field

OR Integration

  • Designed to improve workflow, procedure guidance and peer collaboration
  • Deliver scalable solutions to best fit the diverse needs of the OR

AMSCO Warming Cabinet

  • Designed to store and warm sterile intravenous (IV) and surgical irrigation fluids, linens, and blankets
  • Available in sizes to meet every clinical need

Scrub Sinks

  • Available with one, two, or three stations
  • Equipped with non-aerating rose spray faucet heads

OR Storage Solutions

  • Stationary OR storage cabinets
  • Endoscope storage cabinets
  • Mobile storage carts

Surgical Table Accessories

  • Provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with enhanced radiolucency and higher patient weight capacities

Nurse Documentation Stations

  • Accommodates unique operating room requirements
  • Designed in collaboration with architects, equipment planners and nurses
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