Prolystica® 2X Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica 2X Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries include many of the components your hospital needs to establish an effective manual and/or automated cleaning process for surgical instruments and medical devices.

  • Attacks hard-to-remove organic soils such as fatty lipids and proteins
  • Restores and protects surgical instruments and medical devices against wear due to poor water quality
  • Extends the life of stainless steel surgical instruments
  • Prolystica Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries


Prolystica® 2X Concentrate enzymatic presoak and cleaner

Prolystica 2X Concentrate enzymatic presoak and cleaner

  • Low foaming cleaner for manual and automated cleaning
  • Dual-enzyme formula shortens the length of cleaning process
  • Broad-spectrum substrate compatibility including aluminum, anodized aluminum and plastics

Prolystica restore® descaler and neutralizing detergent

Prolystica restore descaler and neutralizing detergent

  • Effective in removing hard water scale deposits and rust
  • Restores and maintains the passive layer integrity of stainless-steel surfaces, including surgical instruments
  • Low-foaming acid-based formula effectively neutralizes high alkaline detergent residue

Prolystica® 2X Concentrate alkaline detergent

Prolystica 2X Concentrate alkaline detergent

  • Alkaline pH liquid detergent
  • Broad-spectrum substrate compatibility including stainless steel, plastics and soft metals

Prolystica® 2X concentrate neutral detergent

Prolystica 2X concentrate neutral detergent

  • Compatible with stainless steel, plastics, aluminum and soft metals
  • Provides exceptional cleaning over a broad range of water quality

steris acu-sinq™ enzymatic dosing system

steris acu-sinq enzymatic dosing system

  • Easy-to-use start button initiates self-priming of chemistries
  • Multiple dosing levels of 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or 1 oz. per gallon or corresponding metric measurement can be selected
  • Temperature monitor alerts Customer when water temperature is out of range and holds steady when within range

acu-sinq™ 2 chemistry dosing system

Prolystica 2X concentrate neutral detergent

  • Automated, precise dosing of concentrated cleaning chemistries
  • Automatic notifications if temperature is outside of correct range
  • Neutral pH is safe for use on stainless steel and aluminum
  • On-screen reporting or USB download for instant results

hinge-free® instrument lubricant

hinge-free instrument lubricant

  • Excellent lubricating ability helps extend instrument life
  • Non-silicone-based formula does not interfere with steam or ETO sterilization
  • Neutral pH is safe for use on stainless steel and aluminum
  • Contains anti-microbial preservatives to ensure that product doesn't support microorganism growth

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