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Dri 'n Shine

Dri 'N Shine® Concentrated Drying Agent

  • Promotes sheeting of water to produce spot-free surfaces
  • Provides cart washer and instrument protection by preventing water spots which can cause metal surface corrosion
  • Concentrated formula provides more uses per container


Dri 'N Shine Concentrated Drying Agent

Dri 'N Shine Concentrated Drying Agent is a concentrated liquid drying agent suitable for use in the final rinse of cart washers, washer/disinfectors and other mechanical washing equipment to lower surface tension of water which produces spot-free surfaces.

How Dri 'N Shine Concentrated Drying Agent Works

Drying aids utilize surfactants to lower the surface tension of water allowing the water to flatten out to form large sheets that can easily flow off the surface carrying impurities away and speeding the drying process.

Why Dri 'N Shine Concentrated Drying Agent?

  • Productivity – Promotion of water sheeting reduces additional required drying time.
  • Equipment/Instrument Protection – Prevention of water spots reduces future metal surface corrosion. 
  • Cost-Savings – Concentrated formula provides more uses per container.

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