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Wireless Vividimage  Surgical Display

Wireless Vividimage® D Surgical Display

  • 27" high definition wireless surgical display
  • VectorSharp® image enhancement software
  • Proven reliable operation
  • Procedure-specific presets
  • Designed to support infection prevention measures


The Wireless Vividimage® D Surgical Display delivers robust and reliable high-definition visualization in an easy-to-implement, mobile form. The Wireless Vividimage® D Surgical Display receives video signals from a wireless transmitter connected to the Harmony iQ® | BDV Integration System improving mobility, flexibility and efficiency in the operating room by eliminating the need for video cabling to the monitor. Conveniently move the display from OR-to-OR mounted to a mobile monitor stand, or suspend it within the OR for truly easy installation.

  • Reduces cable clutter through wireless video transmission
  • VectorSharp® image enhancement software delivers a crisp image free of artifacts.
  • Rated for impact and ingress protection to withstand the physical demands of the OR
  • Designed for staff comfort and safety, offering a black bezel to reduce eye fatigue and a white back for visibility within a dimly lit OR
  • Glare-free image clarity for enhanced depth perception
  • Easy-to-disinfect vent-less design for improved infection control
  • Simple pairing of receiver and transmitter
  • Locate on mobile cart to easily add another display to the OR when needed.
  • Simple installation on lighting or equipment management systems, without the need to run video cable to the monitor.

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