Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

Surgical Displays and Large Format Displays

High Definition and 4K Ultra High Definition Displays Designed for Safety and Enhanced Surgical Detail

Our complete portfolio of surgical display offerings give OR teams options for any application. From our Vividimage® surgical field displays and wall-mounted displays to our large-format 8MP display, all are designed with a focus on safety and detailed visualization to support better outcomes.


Surgical and large format display Categories

Surgical Displays

Vividimage® Surgical Displays deliver HD and 4K visualization within the surgical field. These surgical monitors easily mount to surgical light arms or to the EMS column for easy positioning and best viewing to support intricate, visually-intensive procedures. Built for the unique needs of the operating room, STERIS surgical displays offer a slim, lightweight design rated to withstand impact and fluid contamination.*

Vividimage® 4K Surgical Display

Vividimage 4K Surgical Display

  • 31.1" 4K ultra high definition surgical display
  • Delivers four times the detail of HD displays
  • VectorSharp® image enhancement software
  • DICOM-compliant grayscale visualization (calibrated)

Wireless Vividimage® D
Surgical Display

Wireless Vividimage Surgical Display

  • 27" HD wireless surgical display
  • VectorSharp® image enhancement software
  • Clinically proven & reliable operation
  • Procedure-specific presets

Vividimage® D Surgical Display

Vividimage D HD Surgical Displays

  • 27" high definition surgical display
  • VectorSharp® image enhancement software
  • Glare-free image clarity
  • Vent-free for improved infection control


Large Format Displays

STERIS large format displays include HD and 4K Vividimage® W Wall Displays and the STERIS 8 Megapixel Display. Vividimage® W Wall Displays can be mounted on the walls of the operating room (OR) to support team-wide visibility of surgical video. The STERIS 8 Megapixel (8MP) Display offers a solution for large-format tableside visualization of many HD sources simultaneously, making it ideal for use within hybrid ORs, interventional x-ray and cardiovascular suites.

Vividimage® W 4K
Wall Displays

Vividimage W 4K Wall Displays

  • Large 65" viewing area
  • Delivers four times the detail of HD displays
  • Offers deeper color for greater depth perception
  • Medical-grade and hospital-grade options

Vividimage® W High-Definition
Wall Displays

Vividimage W High-Definition Wall Displays

  • 42", 50" or 55" HD Wall Display options
  • Medical-grade and hospital-grade options
  • Device (on/off) control streamlines operation

STERIS 8 Megapixel (8MP) Display

STERIS 8 Megapixel (8MP) Display

  • 58" viewing area
  • Offers 4K (8MP) quality visualization tableside
  • Designed for simultaneous visualization of up to 4 images in full 1080p
  • Impact shield

*Impact-resistance and fluid contamination protection are features of medical grade displays

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