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ORLocate Sponge® Solution

  • Leverages radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology to enhance surgical counting protocols before, during, and after surgical procedures
  • Helps to reduce the risk of unintentionally retained surgical items (RSIs) and eliminate the need for potentially costly X-Rays
  • Adheres to AORN guidelines for the use of technology as part of surgical counts
  • Improves the accuracy of manual surgical counts in the operating room


Product Overview

ORLocate Sponge Solution is an innovative counting and locating technology that enhances patient safety and reduces time spent counting and searching for sponges in the operating room. This solution helps to track and manage surgical gauze and sponges, helping to reduce costs associated with retained surgical items.

How the ORLocate Sponge Solution Works

The ORLocate Sponge Solution enhances patient safety through surgical gauze and medical sponge detection. This system provides an efficient alternative to other counting technologies to ensure the prevention of retained surgical items. The RFID handheld reader is designed to count uniquely tagged items in a matter of seconds, while the innovative detection system can locate RFID tags up to 19 inches, in vivo. ORLocate Sponge Solution can easily integrate into your current workflow with an easy-to-use interface that will improve OR efficiencies and data management.

Why the ORLocate Sponge Solution?

Retained foreign objects have the potential to cause a multitude of problems for both the patient and the hospital. ORLocate Sponge Solution helps prevent a risk to patient safety and institutional liability stemming from retained sponges, eliminating the need for X-rays to detect RSIs. This solution also helps OR staff avoid "missed counts" and maintain compliance with new AORN guidelines for integrating technology as part of how to count surgical sponges.1

The ORLocate Sponge Solution Features:

  • A medical-grade tablet
  • A lightweight, easily movable workstation
  • HoveRead® RFID handheld reader designed to read and count tagged items in a matter of seconds
  • A locator designed to detect RFID tagged items within a 19 inch range, misplaced during surgical operations, eliminating the need for a second surgery or unnecessary delays
  • An easy-to-use interface that provides real-time feedback for improved OR efficiencies. The interface provides contextual information on surgical items added and counted out during the surgery and shows a timeline of the surgery in chronological order
  • Identifies retained sponges in a patient cavity and surgical gauze misplaced in laundry or trash bins and biowaste containers
  • Reduces costs associated with retained surgical items by eliminating the need for potentially costly X-Rays
  • ORLocate is an intraoperative adjunct counting solution that can be used to augment your current surgical counting protocol

1 https://aornguidelines.org/guidelines/content?sectionid=173723395&view=book

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ORLocate Sponge® Solution Lightweight, RFID Locator helps prevent retained surgical items in the OR

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Q: Is ORLocate designed to replace surgical sponge counting procedures?

A: No, it is meant to be used as assistive technology that is seamlessly integrated into current surgical count protocols. The tool helps improve the accuracy of counts and reduces risk of retained surgical items. AORN has updated its guideline for the prevention of retained surgical items to include a recommendation to adapt adjunct technology.

Q: How effective is ORLocate Sponge Solution?

A: ORLocate has been used in thousands of surgical procedures with high accuracy rates. Radiofrequency identification technology for the counting, locating and detecting sponges is well established, and it’s accuracy has been validated through research referenced in the AORN practice guideline and recommendation.

Q: Does ORLocate have a sterile cover for the reader or locator wand?

A: Yes, there are sterile covers for both.

Q: Does ORLocate require its own tagged surgical gauze to be used?

A: Yes, and there are over 77 SKUs of sponges and towels to fit a variety of needs.


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