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Uretero1™ Single-Use Ureteroscope and Vision1™ Imaging Console

  • Two device system comprised of a sterile single-use ureteroscope with an all-in-one 21.5 inch touch screen display
  • Single-use ureteroscope features an atraumatic, tapered 6.6 Fr distal tip for optimal access to the ureter
  • Camera has a 120° field of view and automatically white balances and color calibrates to provide consistent images with maximum clarity and color
  • Linux operating system with intuitive user interface allowing user to take photos, video, print and zoom live image


The Uretero1™ High Resolution Video Ureteroscope System is comprised of two devices:

  • Uretero1™ – Sterile, single-use flexible ureteroscope
  • Vision1™ Imaging Console – High-definition, all-in-one video processor and display system

These products work together to visualize and perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the urinary tract. The Uretero1™ High Resolution Video Ureteroscope System combines the image quality of a reusable scope with convenience of a single-use device.

Why select the Uretero1™ Ureteroscope System?

  • Increased focus around infection control – Uretero1™ is sterile packed and ready for use.
  • Increased visibility – Flexible ureteroscope offers a full 275° of articulation, giving users greater access during procedures
  • Comfortable design – Ergonomic handle rests comfortably in user’s hand so it can sit in a natural position, reducing hand fatigue
  • Simple clean-up – Single-use ureteroscope can easily be disposed or recycled and the imaging console has been validated to be cleaned with common hospital cleaning agents
  • Greater imaging capabilities – Advances in technology allow single-use products to have similar or better imaging than reusable devices. The system has an intuitive user interface and automatically white balances, and color calibrates the camera to provide a consistent and reliable image.
  • Easy integration in the OR – Vision1™ Imaging Console features HDMI ports to provide compatibility with external monitors in the OR suite

The Uretero1™ Single-Use Flexible Ureteroscope comes procedure-ready and sterile packed. Simply remove the Uretero1™ from its package, plug the connector into the Vision1™ Imaging Console, and users are ready to perform various urology procedures. The Uretero1™ features an atraumatic, tapered 6.6 French distal tip. This shape and size allows for optimal access to the ureter and holds both the camera and light fiber at a 0° angle. This offers greater illumination of the field and is paired with custom image processing for spectacular images. The thoughtful, ergonomic handle design allows the device to sit naturally in the users hand and is compatible with both left- and right-handed users.

The Uretero1™ features a single multifunction button which allows the user to take/print pictures, record video, and zoom live image with unique intuitive button presses.

The insertion tube has a hydrophilic finish, allowing for seamless passing through the access sheath during procedures.

In addition, all Uretero1™ scopes come with an adjustable accessory port valve which prevents leaks, while allowing instrument use with a single hand.

Uretero1™ Single-Use Flexible Ureteroscope

Product Feature Specifications
Handle Ergonomics

Material: Injection Molded Polymer
Grip: Ridged for guided finger placement
Angulation control: Easy glide technology

Bending Section 275° Up/Down
Deflection: Available in Standard and Reverse
Insertion Tube Length- 680 mm
Size 8.9 Fr
Finish: Hydrophilic/Smooth
Torque Ratio: 1:1
Multifunction Button Single Button: Picture/Print, Video, 1.5x toggle zoom
Smart Connect White balance: Automatic
Color Calibration: Automatic
Live View: Image First
Timer: 4-hour useful scope life
Distal Tip Size: 6.6 Fr
Working channel: 3.6 Fr
FOV: 120°
Console Zoom: 1.5x-4x

The Vision1™ Imaging console is a  high definition, 21.5 inch touchscreen all in one processing display system which offers imaging with maximum clarity and color reproduction. Within seconds of plugging in the Uretero1™ Ureteroscope, the user is directed to live view where the system automatically white balances and performs color calibration.

The simple user interface allows physicians and their staff to add patient information, take photos, print pictures, record video, and zoom-in on live video by simply tapping the screen.

For data collection beyond the procedure room, the Vision1™ Imaging Console features two USB Type A ports so users can store photos and videos. All Vision1™ Imaging Consoles come with a proprietary secure USB drive that is password protected to ensure patient information remains safe. In addition, the console can integrate with additional operating room (OR) equipment from its HDMI ports.

Vision1™ Imaging Console

Product Feature Specifications
Interface Touch Screen
Processing Operating System: Linux
Connection port Copper/Nickel 16 pin port
Contacts: Gold plated proprietary 16 pin connector
Display Optically clear glass with antiglare coating
Resolution: Full HD 1920 x 1080 imaging
Connectivity USB: 2 Type A Port
1 Type B Port
HDMI: In/Out
Housing Finish: Matte Anodized Aluminum
Size: 21.5"
Mount: VESA 100
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