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STERIS Urology Consumables Portfolio

  • Urology accessories that assist with procedural access, dilatation, drainage, retrieval, and laser lithotripsy of kidney stones
  • Full portfolio of urology accessories and supplies including catheters, balloon dilatators, ureteral stents, retrieval baskets, guidewires, and more


STERIS has partnered with Dornier MedTech to offer a broad portfolio of urology accessories that can be used with the Uretero1™ Single Use Ureteroscope and Vision1™ Imaging Console, such as laser fibers, access sheaths, retrieval baskets, and guidewires to provide total procedural support for kidney stone management.

How STERIS’s Urology Consumables Portfolio Works

  • Access – Products like sheaths, catheters, and guidewires help to navigate pathways, offering flexibility for staff during procedures.
  • Dilatate – Dilatation balloons help provide universal dilatation of the ureter and are available in a range of sizes.
  • Drain – Ureteral stents help to facilitate comfort and stability and are designed with a highly radiopaque material for clean fluoroscopic visualization.
  • Retrieval – Stone retrieval devices are available in a range of shapes and sizes to help surround and trap stones in tight places.
  • Break and dust – High-energy fibers are designed to ensure performance and focus on high-powered lasers while breaking kidney stones.

Why the STERIS Urology Consumables Portfolio?

STERIS urology accessories provide a vast range of products that offer flexibility and visualization for staff while helping to facilitate comfort for patients. Product category features and benefits include:

Product Category Available Products1 Features/Benefits

SLIP Nitinol Hydrophilic Access Guidewire

MERIDIAN PTFE Coated Nitinol Guidewire

APOLLO PTFE Coated Stainless Steel Core with Flexible Tip

PTFE and hydrophilic coated stainless steel or nitinol guidewires
Catheters MINNOW Open Tip Ureteral Catheter Proprietary Pebax® radiopaque catheters supporting procedural integrity
Access Sheaths MAGELLAN Access Sheath Access sheaths that provide seamless pathway for instrument introduction during urological procedures
Dilatation Balloons EQUINOX Ureteral Dilatation Balloon Ureteral dilatation balloons/kits which provide consistent balloon expansion for universal ureteral dilatation
Ureteral Stents CASCADE Ureteral Stent Hydrophilic coated stents with double pigtail design and one step insertion to help facilitate comfort and stability
Retrieval Baskets

ECLIPSE Zero Tip Retrieval Basket

VENUS Extractor

HALON Retrieval Basket

TETRA Standard Basket

Stone retrieval baskets made of PTFE coated nitinol allowing atraumatic stone management, reduced kinking, and flexibility
Laser Fibers High Energy Fiber Durable laser fibers with exceptional quartz ferrule design and focus for efficient laser beam

1Available products listed are registered trademarks and products of Dornier MedTech and are distributed in North America by STERIS.

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