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MEDIVATORS™ ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Automated Endoscope Reprocessor

  • Two independent basins large enough to accommodate semi-critical flexible endoscopes
  • Provides automated and consistent cleaning and high-level disinfection to support infection prevention
  • Automated leak testing and individual channel monitoring for endoscope blockage and hook-up connection


The MEDIVATORS ADVANTAGE PLUS Automated Endoscope Reprocessor is a fully automated, computer-based asynchronous endoscope reprocessor that monitors each endoscope channel separately for blockage and proper flow ensuring complete high-level disinfection.

How the MEDIVATORS ADVANTAGE PLUS Automated Endoscope Reprocessor Works

Technicians can load devices into one of two independent basins, using a hands-free foot pedal, for loading using the convenient transport cassette which provides protection and recontamination prevention. Use of the wash cycle with INTERCEPT™ Detergent eliminates the need for manual brushing and flushing of the endoscope. Continuous automated leak testing and a programmable alcohol flush are standard attributes. The fully automated cycle uses RAPICIDE PA High-Level Disinfectant, with proven endoscope material compatibility, to effectively kill TB, hepatitis viruses, C-diff, VRE, MRSA and CRE in 5 minutes at 86°F (30°C).

Find the Medivators Hook-Up Guide Here or Medivators IFUs Here.

Why the MEDIVATORS ADVANTAGE PLUS Automated Endoscope Reprocessor?

  • Monitors endoscope channels for blockage
  • Ensures high level disinfectant is delivered to all channels
  • Automated cycle eliminates variability of manual cleaning
  • Validated cleaning claim enhances endoscope reprocessing
  • Leak test enables disinfection of leaky endoscopes prior to repair
  • Automated alcohol flush facilitates drying of endoscope channels
  • Barcode reader for fast and accurate data entry
  • Remote diagnostics for efficient servicing
  • Computerized cycle documentation and reporting. The ADVANTAGE PLUS integrates with the SPM® Surgical Asset Tracking Software and other tracking software solutions for active monitoring and process verification
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