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Surgical Light Brake Kits

  • New brake screw design with stronger springs and longer-lasting pads
  • Brake screw kits ensure consistent motion and precise positioning
  • Stop retrograde movement and unwanted drift


Product Overview

Put a Stop to Drift and Wobble in Your STERIS Surgical Lighting Systems

Discover STERIS’s new Surgical Light Brake kits for select surgical lighting systems.1 Brake screws are manufactured with aluminum bronze material to help provide longer-lasting wear and stronger springs for pre-load. It is a must-have for facilities with older STERIS surgical lights. The kits can be used for one full boom arm or multiple arms on applicable surgical lights. Interested in learning more? Submit a request today.

Why STERIS Surgical Light Break Kits?

Surgical lighting system brake screws can wear with regular use over time, causing the light head to drift or wobble when attempting to position the light. The new light brake kits offer a better braking surface to ensure precise and stable positioning during surgical procedures. Other benefits include:

  • Improved brake design for performance and longer wear-life of the brake
  • Decreases operating room (OR) downtime from issues with malfunctioning equipment
  • Upgraded springs allow increased brake tightening without affecting performance
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SKU Description Lighting System

Includes HarmonyAIR® M and G Series Surgical Lighting Systems, and Harmony® LED, vLED, LC, and LA Surgical Lighting Systems.

P764337276 LIGHTHD BRK SCREW & SPACER PAIR G Series, M Series, vLED, LED, LA & LC
10095936 BRAKE SCREW M10X1 SHORT ASSY G Series, M Series, vLED, LED, LA & LC
10095937 SCREW M10X1 LONG ASSY G Series, M Series, vLED, LED, LA & LC
10095938 SCREW M12X1 SHORT ASSY M Series, LED & LA
10095939 SCREW M12X1 LONG ASSY M Series, LED & LA
11002945 G-SER SPDL M12X1 BRK SCRW G Series, vLED & LC
11002946 G-SER SPRG M12X1 BRK SCRW G Series, vLED & LC
11006219 BRAKE SCREW M10 MED GSER G Series, vLED & LC
00037244D BRAKE SCREW-M10 X 1 G Series, vLED & LC
01503288D BRAKE SCREW-M16 X 1 G Series, vLED & LC
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