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T-EZ PRO™ Cleaning Indicator

  • Blood-based test soil on a stainless-steel plate represents the most common soil found on devices
  • Cleaning indicator tests the effectiveness and performance of automated washer/disinfectors
  • Single-use cleaning indicator can be run in an empty or full chamber


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Product Overview

The T-EZ Pro Cleaning Indicator is a single-use washer indicator test used daily to confirm the effective removal of soil from surgical instruments in the automated cleaning process of washer/disinfectors.

How the T-EZ Pro Cleaning Indicator Works

Each single-use indicator comes pre-assembled with a pre-soiled stainless-steel coupon in a plastic holder that is then securely attached to a washer rack. The washer/disinfector cleaning indicator test can be performed in either an empty chamber to start the day or in a full chamber for testing washer performance throughout the day. Once the washer/disinfector cycle is completed, the total removal of soil from the stainless steel coupon indicates a passing test result. If any soil remains, hospital procedures for failed washer indicator tests should be followed.

Why the T-EZ Pro Cleaning Indicator?

  • Clear visualization – This washer/disinfector cleaning indicator provides a clear view of the test results through a clear plastic holder.
  • Confirm washer performance – With the accurate calibration of time, temperature, water pressure, detergent concentration, and cycle parameters, the test soil will be removed completely at the end of the cleaning cycle.
  • Standardized true blood test soil – This cleaning indicator uses a blood-based soil, in comparison to synthetic soil, to test the removal of the most common soil found in medical device processing.
  • Supports Compliance – This cleaning indicator comes in individually packaged pouches with lot number and expiration date to support compliance documentation. Additionally, these cleaning indicators are manufactured in accordance with ISO/TS 15883-5:2005 and support ANSI/AAMI ST79 best practices for washer testing.
Unprocessed Unprocessed Example. Pre-soiled
Pass Pass Example. No soil remains
Fail Fail Example. Soil remains
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