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PowerLift Beach Chair

  • Surgical beach chair (Fowler's position) designed for orthopedic shoulder procedures
  • Direct connection to all STERIS 4000- & 5000-series surgical tables
  • Adjusts from 0 - 90° using powered table hydraulic controls
  • 500 lb. surgical patient weight capacity


The PowerLift Beach Chair (BF590) is a lightweight beach chair that provides powered patient positioning for open or arthroscopic orthopedic shoulder procedures. The PowerLift Beach Chair satisfies diverse patient needs, various surgeon preferences, and attaches to nearly all sliding-top STERIS surgical table models.

How the PowerLift Beach Chair Works

The PowerLift Beach Chair safely positions patients for shoulder surgery (Fowler’s position) with fully padded, removable panels, integral siderail connection locks, padded headrest support and padded lateral support for left or right operative side. The user will position the patient in the desired Fowler’s position using the surgical table’s operating controls.

Why the PowerLift Beach Chair?

  • FLEXIBILITY – A unique, multi-axis head positioner allows for easy intubation and head posturing.
  • SAFETY – Powered positioning of the beach chair (from table hydraulic controls) inclines from 0 to 90 degrees, eliminating the need for manual lift and potential caregiver strain.
  • ACCESS – Removable shoulder panels provide excellent surgical access to each shoulder.

Additional Required Accessories:

BF039 – These single-use straps provide chin and head restraint when used with the PowerLift Beach Chair. Each box includes 12 head straps and 12 chin straps.

BF047 - Disposable Face Masks helps prevent patient head and neck injuries during operative procedures. The single-use mask is designed for use with the PowerLift Beach Chair. Hook and loop fasteners are used to safely secure a patient’s head to the head positioner. Each box includes 12 disposable face masks.

Additional Optional Accessory:

BF046 – Shoulder Chair Dolly allows for easy storage and mobility of STERIS Beach Chairs in the OR.

Table Compatibility: STERIS 4085, 4095, 5085, 5085 SRT, 5085 Harmony, 5095 and CMAX

  • Model #: BF590
  • Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
  • Table Compatibility: STERIS 4085, 4095, 5085, 5085 SRT, 5085 Harmony, 5095 and CMAX
Product Number Description
BF590 PowerLift Beach Chair
BF039 Head Restraint Straps (12 sets per box)
BF047 Disposable Face Mask (12/CS)
BF046 Shoulder Chair Dolly

E-Z Lift Beach Chair for Orthopedic Shoulder Procedures

  • Surgical beach chair (Fowler's position) designed for orthopedic shoulder procedures
  • Universal connection to nearly all general surgical tables

Disposable Face Mask for Shoulder Chair

  • Single-use, disposable face mask for beach/shoulder chair
  • Secures patient's head during shoulder and arm procedures

Multi-Posture Armboard

  • Complete flexibility for patient positioning
  • Designed with a fixed top and ability to accommodate many surgical specialties when combined with accessories

Clip-On Socket Clamp

  • Attaches anywhere on surgical table rail
  • No need to find table notches
Document # Document Title
Document # Document Title
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