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Specialty Instrument Detergents & Chemistries

STERIS's Specialty Cleaning Chemistries are designed for the removal of a wide range of soils on a variety of medical instruments. H-Klenz II Instrument Detergent and Liqui-Jet 2 Instrument Detergent are effective for a variety of water types, including hard water, while S-Klenz Acid Based Scale Remover provides convenience with an easily measured and dispensed liquid formula. Browse our full portfolio of specialty instrument cleaners and detergents formulated to provide an effective clean to help keep devices operating properly.


Specialty Chemistries


Prolystica Restore® Descaler and Neutralizing Detergent

  • Effective in removing hard water scale deposits and surgical instrument rust
  • Restores and maintains the passive layer integrity of stainless-steel surfaces, including surgical instruments
  • Low-foaming acid-based formula effectively neutralizes high alkaline detergent residue
  • Biodegradable ingredients meet sustainability objectives
  • Phosphate-free formula assists with clean water standards compliance

Prolystica Ultra Concentrate Lubricant

Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Lubricant

  • Excellent lubricating ability helps extend instrument life and keeps surgical instruments operating smoothly
  • Non-silicone-based formula does not interfere with steam or ethylene oxide sterilization
  • 10X ultra concentrate lubricant offers more uses per container with less inventory and safer lifting for staff

Hinge-Free Instrument Lubricant

  • Excellent lubricating ability helps extend instrument life
  • Non-Silicone-based formula does not interfere with steam or ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Neutral pH is safe for use on stainless steel and aluminum
  • Contains anti-microbial preservatives to ensure that product doesn’t support microorganism growth

S-Klenz Acid Based Scale Remover

S-Klenz® Scale Remover

  • Phosphoric acid-based de-scaler effectively removes scale deposits
  • Easily measured and dispensed liquid formula
  • Free-rinsing surgical instrument scale remover leaves no residue behind

Liquid Descaler Acid Based Scale Remover

Liquid Descaler Acid Based Scale Remover

  • Dual acid-based film and scale remover for automated washers and steam generators
  • Provides safe and effective removal of lime from hard water mineral deposits
  • Non-foaming formula provides rapid removal of heavy scale deposits

Liqui-Jet 2 Instrument Detergent

Liqui-Jet® 2 Instrument Detergent

  • Safe on aluminum/anodized aluminum surgical instruments and aluminum containers
  • Hard water instrument cleaner contains sequestering agents which makes the detergent effective for a variety of water types
  • Low-foaming alkaline instrument detergent formula can be used in ultrasonic and automated washers & washer/disinfector units

H-Klenz II Instrument Detergent

H-Klenz® II Instrument Detergent

  • Excellent low-foaming detergent that removes blood and common soils from surgical instruments
  • Effective in all water types, especially hard water and water with high iron content, since it contains sequestering and dispersing agents
  • Aggressive liquid alkaline detergent developed for use in non-traditional re-circulating spray washing machines
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