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Specialty Chemistries

STERIS's Specialty Chemistries are designed for the removal of a wide range of soils on a variety of medical instruments. H-Klenz II Instrument Detergent and Liqui-Jet 2 Instrument Detergent are effective for a variety of water types including hard water, while ZolvStat Multi-Enzymatic Detergent and S-Klenz Acid Based Scale Remover provides convenience
with an easily measured and dispensed liquid formula.


Specialty Chemistries

ZolvStat Multi-Enzymatic Detergent

ZolvStatā„¢ Multi-Enzymatic Detergent

  • Multi-enzymatic formula facilitates the removal of a wide range of surgical soils
  • Easily measured and dispensed liquid formula
  • Appealing fragrance is pleasant to use

Liqui-Jet 2 Instrument Detergent

Liqui-Jet® 2 Instrument Detergent

  • Safe on aluminum/anodized aluminum surgical instruments and aluminum containers
  • Contains sequestering agents which makes the detergent effective for a variety of water types, including hard water
  • Low-foaming formula can be used in ultrasonic and automated washers & washer/disinfector units

H-Klenz II Instrument Detergent

H-Klenz® II Instrument Detergent

  • Excellent cleaner that removes blood and common soils from surgical instruments
  • Effective in all water types since it contains sequestering and dispersing agents, especially hard water and water with high iron content
  • Aggressive chemistry developed for use in non-traditional re-circulating spray washing machines



Prolystica Restore® Descaler and Neutralizing Detergent

  • Effective in removing hard water scale deposits and surgical instrument rust
  • Restores and maintains the passive layer integrity of stainless-steel surfaces, including surgical instruments
  • Low-foaming acid-based formula effectively neutralizes high alkaline detergent residue
  • Biodegradable ingredients meet sustainability objectives
  • Phosphate-free formula assists with clean water standards compliance

S-Klenz Acid Based Scale Remover

S-Klenz® Scale Remover

  • Acid-based de-scaler effectively removes scale deposits
  • Easily measured and dispensed liquid formula
  • Free-rinsing property leaves no residue behind