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Cart Washer Chemistries

STERIS's Cart Washer Chemistries are designed for use in cart washers/disinfectors. Kart Klenz III Cart Detergent improves productivity in your CSSD with its low-foaming formula effective in high impingement re-circulating spray washing of hospital carts, while its free-rinsing property leaves no residue behind. Dri 'n Shine Concentrated Drying Agent provides equipment and instrument protection by preventing water spots to reduce future metal surface corrosion.


Kart Klenz III Cart Detergent

Kart-Klenz® III Cart Detergent

  • Low-foaming formula can be used in high-impingement re-circulating spray washing
  • Free-rinsing property leaves no residue behind
  • Reduction of scale formation which reduces the need to frequently de-scale cart washer

Dri 'n Shine

Dri 'N Shine® Concentrated Drying Agent

  • Promotes sheeting of water to produce spot-free surfaces
  • Provides cart washer and instrument protection by preventing water spots which can cause metal surface corrosion
  • Concentrated formula provides more uses per container