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Cart Washer Chemistries

STERIS Cart Washer Cleaning Chemistries help provide superior cleaning, ultimate efficiency, and cost savings using concentrated cleaning formulas. Our cart washer detergents help ensure cleanliness when washing case carts, bedpans, utensils, and containers. Dri N' Shine, our specialty drying agent, ensures fast and spotless drying while our descaling cart washer chemicals help remove heavy scale and keep your cart washer performing at optimal levels.

Improve cart washer performance and standardize your sterile processing department (SPD) chemistries by using the same proven High Performance Prolystica® 2X Concentrate or 10X Ultra-Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries used in your single chamber washer/disinfector. If your cart washer includes an instrument cycle, add a high performance Prolystica® automated enzymatic detergent with Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Lubricant or Hinge-Free® Instrument Lubricant to provide efficient cleaning, while helping extend instrument life.


Cart Washer Drying Agent

Dri 'n Shine

Dri 'N Shine® Concentrated Drying Agent

  • Promotes sheeting of water to produce spot-free surfaces, speeding up drying times and reducing water spotting
  • Provides cart washer and instrument protection by preventing water spots which can cause metal surface corrosion or scaling
  • Concentrated liquid rinse aid formula provides more uses per container
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Liquid Descaler Acid Based Scale Remover

Liquid Descaler Acid Based Scale Remover

  • Dual acid-based film and scale remover for automated washers and steam generators
  • Provides safe and effective removal of lime from hard water mineral deposits
  • Non-foaming formula provides rapid removal of heavy scale deposits


Prolystica Restore® Descaler and Neutralizing Detergent

  • Effective in removing hard water scale deposits and surgical instrument rust
  • Restores and maintains the passive layer integrity of stainless-steel surfaces, including surgical instruments
  • Low-foaming acid-based formula effectively neutralizes high alkaline detergent residue
  • Biodegradable ingredients meet sustainability objectives
  • Phosphate-free formula assists with clean water standards compliance

S-Klenz Acid Based Scale Remover

S-Klenz® Scale Remover

  • Phosphoric acid-based de-scaler effectively removes scale deposits
  • Easily measured and dispensed liquid formula
  • Free-rinsing surgical instrument scale remover leaves no residue behind
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