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ROAM Mobile Supply Carts

  • FlexCell design minimizes space between components for maximum storage capacity
  • Lightweight aluminum composite construction
  • Preconfigured by procedure type for easy selection
  • Concealed hinge design for ease of cleanability


ROAM Mobile Supply Carts help maximize Operating Room storage. ROAM offers a broad range of preconfigured mobile cabinet carts, including catheter carts, suture carts, open heart, arthroscopy, ortho/cast, general storage, etc.

How ROAM Mobile Supply Carts Work

ROAM's efficient footprint and interior design result in more storage capacity per square inch. Nonporous surfaces, tight seams, concealed hinges and a flush door design help support infection prevention goals and reduce dust and dirt traps. ROAM metal medical carts can be cleaned with agents commonly found in hospitals. Aluminum composite surfaces won’t rust or scratch.

Why ROAM Mobile Supply Carts?

Available in two heights, three widths and a broad selection of procedure-specific accessories, ROAM's FlexCell design and interior can be configured and reconfigured as your needs and supplies change. The ROAM Mobile Supply Cart withstands the wear and tear that mobile cabinet carts receive. The lightweight aluminum composite frame aids maneuverability, and soft bumpers protect carts, walls, and doors against damage.

Other Operating Room Storage Solutions

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  • Locking casters to assure warming cabinet stays in place

EVOLVE Modular Casework

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  • Flexibility to reconfigure as needs for storage change

Operating Room Storage Solutions

  • STERIS's extensive portfolio of operating room storage solutions to provide instant access to surgical supplies and Operating Room (OR) equipment
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