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Clinical Accessory Equipment

  • Kick Buckets
  • Ring Stands
  • Step Stools


STERIS offers operating and exam room equipment and accessories that are a group of essential medical equipment that support staff from the OR, patient rooms, to nurse areas. STERIS's offerings of surgical kick buckets and solution stands (also known as ring stands) are essential medical receptacles constructed of high-quality 304-grade stainless steel components. Both kick buckets and solution stands are designed to last. These products play a critical role in surgical procedures for the disposal of sponges, fluids, and other waste.

How Clinical Accessory Equipment Works

Suggested use for both sides of the operating table, depending on the surgical case, either a kick buck or a solution stand, or both will be essential. STERIS's offerings of kick buckets and solution ring stands are designed to be easily moved along the floor, in and around the operative site when needed, and away when not.

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • 2" non-marking casters
  • Kick bucket stands feature a perimeter bumper
  • Solutions stands are available with a lower h-brace or shelf
  • Several sizes available
  • Bucket bags and solution basin liners sold separately

Why Clinical Accessory Equipment?

STERIS's offering of medical step stools are offered in two variations, a surgical stacking interlocking stainless steel step stool, or a durable general-purpose chrome finished step stool. Both step stool variations provide safe, stable, and tip resistant rigid support with slip-proof tread step surface. Interlocking step stools feature a side interlocking system that creates a rigid and stable platform in the OR. Chrome finished general-purpose step stools are ideal for patient areas, securely assisting patients to and from chairs, beds, and examination tables. Stow and transport step stools with the 304 stainless steel carry cart can hold 4 to 6 interlocking step stools.

  • The interlocking MCE140 can be easily stacked, stowed, and transported on the MCE145 304 Stainless Carry Cart for Step Stools.
  • MCE142 Replacement L-Shaped rubber foot for MCE140 304 Stainless Stacking Interlocking Step Stool
  • MCE138 Durable chrome finish general-purpose step stools are designed for patients and staff within patient areas, exam rooms, and general use.
  • Safe, stable, and rigid support with non-slip rubber feet and slip-proof tread surfaces.
  • MCE145 304 Stainless Steel Carry Cart features 3" neoprene casters, an inner tray rubber mat, and a 39" tall stainless push handle

Kick Buckets

Product Number Description
MCE540 Kick Bucket 12qt 14"H x 13.5"Dia
MCE541 Kick Bucket 8.5qt 8"H x 16.25"Dia

Ring Stands

Product Number Description
MCE1000 Single-Bowl Solution Stand
MCE1001 Single-Bowl Solution Stand with Lower Shelf
MCE1002 Double-Bowl Solution Stand with H-Brace
MCE1003 Double-Bowl Solution Stand with Lower Shelf
MCE1007 7qt Basin (only) for Solution Stand

Step Stools 

Product Number Description
MCE140 Stainless Stacking Interlocking Step Stool
MCE142 Rubber L-Shaped Foot for Stacking Stools
MCE138 Chrome Step Stool
MCE145 Stainless Carry Cart for Step Stools

Operating and Exam Room Accessories

Instrument Stands and Accessories

  • Instrument Stands
  • Mayo Stands
  • Ventric Height Adjustable Stands

Instrument, Back, and Prep Tables

  • Instrument Tables
  • Space Saver Tables
  • Utility Prep Tables

IV Poles and Accessories

  • Space-saver IV Poles
  • 5 & 6 Leg Spider Base IV Poles
  • Standard IV Poles
  • IV Pole Accessories

Storage and Organization

  • Medical Hampers and Linen Carts
  • Medical Utility and Storage Carts
  • Medical Wall Shelving

Surgical Tables

  • Versatile, easy to use, and built for today’s procedures
  • Surgical, exam, orthopedic, and radiolucent imaging tables

Surgical Table Accessories

  • STERIS surgical table accessories and support systems provide complete flexibility and versatility for patient positioning with excellent radiolucency and higher patient weight capacities.

Surgical Lights

  • Surgical, exam, and labor and delivery lighting systems
  • Deliver pure white light, and enhancement of deep saturated reds and colors

Surgical Booms

  • Sleek, compact design to allow nurse line of sight to the sterile field
  • Straight drop units and single or dual arm units
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