Endoscope Reprocessing

Endoscope Reprocessing

STERIS offers a complete solution to support your endoscopy suite, helping you through every step of the processing cycle starting at bedside, through cleaning, to liquid chemical sterilization or high level disinfection, to compliant scope storage and transport solutions. Our products make it easy for you to quickly process your endoscopes, increasing throughput while maintaining the highest level of patient care and compliance to standards and guidelines.


endoscope point of use

Endoscope Point of Use Pre-Cleaning

Endoscope Cleaning

Endoscope Cleaning

cleaning verification

Cleaning Verification

Bedside pre-cleaning products prevent drying of hard-to-clean soils on endoscopes at the point of use, making them easier to clean during processing.


Superior performing endoscope detergents and cleaning tools designed to quickly and easily break down soils and protect the integrity of devices.


Quick detection of residual proteins on both internal and external surfaces of endoscopes.

high level disinfection

High Level Disinfection

Liquid chemical

Liquid Chemical Sterilization

endoscope transport and storage cabinets

Endoscope Transport and Storage Cabinets

Maintain patient and staff safety with oxidative chemistries to accelerate your workflow.



Liquid chemical sterilization provides a higher standard of reprocessing assurance while eliminating all microbial life, including bacterial endospores, in a 23-minute cycle.



Help keep patients safe by eliminating contamination touchpoints while exceeding evolving guidelines for endoscope drying, storage and transport.


service & service parts

Service and Service parts

device compatibility matrix

Device Compatibility Matrix



STERIS Service Parts

SecureCare Services

  Confirm your medical devices and accessories are compatible for processing with our Low Temperature Systems.   Earn FREE Healthcare CEs or use our Endoscope Reprocessing 101 Curriculum to support education in your department


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