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Ethical Business Practices

Through our global ethics and compliance policy, STERIS requires all employees to be lawful and ethically responsible in all business practices.  All employees are required to participate in bi-annual training on our Code of Business Conduct, which sets the standard for legal and ethical behavior, addressing topics such as bribery and corruption, supply chain transparency, proper behavior in the workplace, and avoiding conflicts of interest.

STERIS is committed to conducting its business fairly, honorably, with integrity and in compliance with the law in all jurisdictions where it operates. STERIS policy prohibits bribery and corruption in any form, and the company further explains its commitment in its Statement on its Anti-Corruption Policies and Procedures. As an ongoing due diligence measure, STERIS has established a program to recognize those sales and marketing intermediaries who demonstrate an elevated commitment to compliance. Through this Commercial Compliance Program, STERIS formally commends organizations that have not only met STERIS's standard ethical requirements for inclusion in our network but have also taken additional steps, such as adopting their own code of conduct and training their employees on their own firm's ethical values, to ensure compliant behavior.

Our expectations for ethical behavior extend beyond STERIS to our Suppliers as well.  Our Supplier Code of Conduct defines the minimum requirements and expectations for all Suppliers and their subcontractors. Each year, taking a risk-based approach, STERIS surveys its suppliers for compliance with certain aspects of our Supplier Code of Conduct. Suppliers whose responses indicate a higher risk for violations are instructed to complete an online training module.

In addition, STERIS is committed to upholding human and workplace rights in all STERIS operations globally and respects human rights as recognized by the principles of the United Nations Global Compact. This commitment is woven into the fabric of our core Values and is further described in our Code of Business Conduct, our business and operating policies, our health and safety governance, and our management systems. Learn more about our Human Rights Policy by clicking here. As outlined in our policies, STERIS opposes all forms of slavery, servitude, forced labor, and human trafficking.

In addition, STERIS is a member of the Slavery and Trafficking Risk Template Development Committee, operating under the Social Responsibility Alliance initiative.  We are utilizing this program to survey suppliers for risk of human trafficking.  Click here for our Statement on Human Trafficking and Slavery.

Using the STERIS Integrity Helpline or Webline, employees, Customers, suppliers and other business partners of STERIS can anonymously report potential Code of Conduct concerns.  A management Ethics Committee meets monthly to monitor and investigate reports of Code of Business Conduct violations and provides quarterly reporting to the STERIS Board of Director's Compliance Committee.