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Environmental Health & Safety 

For STERIS, fulfilling our MISSION TO CREATE A HEALTHIER AND SAFER WORLD means not only creating an environment focused on the health and safety of our people, but on the communities and environments in which we operate.

Safety at STERIS

STERIS is proud of its history as a safe place to work, and continues to work to make sure it stays that way.  We have programs in place to ensure ALL facilities, including those recently acquired, work toward OSHA world-class standards for injury incidents. For Fiscal 2020, our Days Away From Work Rate (DAFW) was .45. Reinforcing the importance of safety, most widely-attended Company meetings begin with a safety message, and we provide weekly safety tips to help employees stay safe both while on and off the job.  For our road warriors, a driver safety program is in place for all STERIS North American fleet drivers and will be expanded to encompass all STERIS fleet drivers around the world. We have safety improvement goals in all of our Lean events and continuously look to improve safety.

The OSHA VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) Star Program is designed for exemplary worksites with comprehensive, successful safety and health management systems. Companies in the VPP Star Program have achieved injury and illness rates at or below the national average of their respective industries. STERIS is proud to operate 10 sites which have earned VPP Star certification. The balance of STERIS locations continue to work toward this achievement. For more information, visit

Environmental Safety

At STERIS, we have a broad and comprehensive portfolio of sterilization and disinfection products that support the procedural spaces within hospitals and surgery centers as well as pharmaceutical and medical device Customers. When we think about new products or next generation products, part of our effort is to reduce the environmental impact of what we do. That can be anything ranging from reformulating chemistries to eliminate metals-based ingredients or reducing the effluence going down the drains of our Customers; to creating ultra-concentrate chemistries such as Prolystica® Ultra Concentrate Cleaning Chemistries, which offer 10x the uses per container. That means 5 and 10-liter containers of concentrate replace 114-liter drums, creating benefits from safer lifting to less frequent deliveries with smaller trucks.  We also work to ensure that our containers can be recycled and that we are building products with materials that can be recycled at the end of their life.

Even in our office spaces, the efforts to reduce our impact on the environment are real.  Recent efforts have included adding recycling, encouraging employees to “keep it on the screen” to reduce paper usage, our “Ditch the Disposables” campaign aimed at eliminating single-use cups in our facilities, adding solar power at certain facilities and implementing LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce our carbon foot print by lowering our energy use.

Within our AST segment, we offer a range of technology neutral contract sterilization services and testing capabilities.  With a large global footprint, small changes can make a significant impact.

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO) processing is widely used for sterilization at STERIS Applied Sterilization Technologies (AST) facilities. Ethylene glycol is a derivative of some EO capture and remediation processing. Recovered ethylene glycol can be used as an ingredient in automotive antifreeze, airplane deicing materials, and the manufacturing of plastic film and bottles.