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STERIS Implements GS1 Standards

GS1 ( is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards to improve the efficiency and visibility of supply chains globally and across business sectors. GS1 Healthcare (a subgroup of GS1) includes a voluntary global user community which brings together all healthcare stakeholders such as providers, manufacturers, and distributors.

GS1 standards consist of several elements, two being Global Location Numbers (GLNs) and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs). GLNs are 13-digit standardized numbers that can be used to identify specific headquarters locations, branches, shipping points and individual departments. GTINs are used to assign a unique identification to a trade item, at various packaging levels. Manufacturers are required to capture specific attribute information for every item to which a GTIN is assigned. An attribute is a piece of information reflecting a characteristic of the object to which an identification number relates.

In September 2010, STERIS Corporation completed the assignment of GLNs for STERIS facilities globally. In June 2013, STERIS completed the implementation of GTINs on all of its consumable products.

The new STERIS GTIN Look-up Tool on this page allows the user to search for information using a STERIS item number, GTIN number or product description. Customers can obtain a GTIN Data Report, which will include attribute information, from their STERIS account manager.

Leading the Way to GS1 Readiness

STERIS was recognized by group purchasing organizations and providers as a leader in the GS1 initiative, and valued for the information it shared through communications, white papers and case studies. To read these materials, please go to:

GLN Readiness