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Social Media Rules of Engagement - STERIS

Thank you for taking time to visit. STERIS uses social media to communicate with our Customers and members of our online communities. We like to share news about STERIS, but we are mindful of important regulations that guide our industry and social media platforms. All Users must comply with the Terms of Use outlined by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as these Rules of Engagement. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please contact us at

Here are a few things to consider when engaging with STERIS in social media forums, including limitations on the comments and postings we allow to remain on our sites.

Content provided by STERIS

STERIS can only confirm the accuracy of information we post on social media sites. We do not verify, approve or endorse User content or any information posted by visitors on our social sites and we do not warrant their accuracy. Caution should be used before relying on information, statements or opinions outside of those made by an authorized representative of STERIS.

Because of the regulations that govern how we communicate about our products, we will only provide basic information about our products on our social media sites. If you would like more information on our products or wish to discuss one of our products, please contact us at

STERIS may at times choose to "like", "follow", "retweet" or "share" information from third party groups. These actions are subject to the same strict scrutiny we apply to the product content we post to our social media sites.

Content provided by Third Parties

STERIS requires members of our online communities be courteous and respectful of other members. If your post contains language or material that is unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene, inflammatory, pornographic, or profane or any material that could constitute or encourage conduct that would be considered an offense or give rise to liability or would otherwise violate the law, your post will be removed. STERIS will also submit a removal request to search engines to remove the content from indexes and caches.

STERIS requires you do not use our social media sites as a place to promote your products and services or make unsubstantiated accusations or claims against companies, brands or persons.

We monitor social media sites and will contact you for further information if you post content on our social media sites or we become aware of content you have posted in other public forums that alleges deficiencies in our products related to their identity, quality, durability, reliability, safety, effectiveness, or performance. You may also contact us to report an adverse event related to STERIS products by emailing us at

Just in Case

STERIS reserves the right to remove any post at our sole discretion. If you feel that we have unfairly removed your post, please contact us at