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Environmental surfaces such as hospital equipment and furniture can harbor infectious agents. Neutralize them in the VaproQuip Decontamination Room

Equipment Decontamination

Equipment Contamination: The Ageless Problem
Biological contamination is potentially everywhere in a hospital. Aggressive pathogens on environmental surfaces can remain viable for extended periods. High-touch, difficult-to-clean, mobile equipment and furniture are no exception. Despite the best efforts of the environmental services department, cleaners and chemicals are limited in their effectiveness.

Meet the VaproQuip System: A 21st Century Solution
STERIS, the world leader in infection prevention and decontamination, moves you forward with the VaproQuip™ Decontamination Room (Patents Pending) for noncritical items1 such as equipment, furniture and environmental surfaces. The room system, featuring Vaprox® 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant2, may be used as part of a cleaning program to destroy pathogens on environmental surfaces.

1Noncritical items as defined by the CDC as "those that come in contact with intact skin but not mucous membranes," Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008
2Vaprox® Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant, EPA Registration No. 58779-4. Not for use as a terminal sterilant or high-level disinfectant for reprocessing of critical or semi-critical medical devices.

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