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Endoscope Detergents and Disinfectants

Revital-Ox is the range of endoscopy cleaning and disinfecting products and accessories that delivers peace of mind for hospitals, staff and patients because of its palpable superiority. When you use the full range of Revital-Ox products, from bedside pre-cleaning through high level disinfection, you get superior performance and an environmentally friendly solution for endoscope reprocessing.

  • VERIFY RESI-TEST Endo Protein Detection Cleaning Indicator Now Available!
  • Revital-Ox Enzymatic Detergents
  • Revital-Ox Bedside Complete
  • Revital-Ox Resert High Level Disinfectant


Step 1 - Pre-Cleaning

Bedside Complete®

Revital-Ox Bedside Complete

Ready-to-use enzymatic detergent and impregnated sponge for bedside pre-cleaning

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Step 2 - Cleaning

Enzymatic Detergents

Revital-Ox Enzymatic

Provides both superior cleaning and fast performance

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Enzymatic Sponge

Revital-Ox Enzymatic Sponge

Impregnated with pre-diluted enzymatic detergent to aid in removing soils from endoscopes, accessories and other medical devices.

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Revital-Ox™ Endoscopy
Channel Brushes

Revital-Ox Endoscopy Brushes

A complete line of flexible cleaning brushes for the many different sizes of endoscopes and their accessories.

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Step 3 - Disinfecting

Revital-Ox™ Resert®
High Level Disinfectant

Revital-Ox Resert High Level Disinfectant

An oxidative chemistry, using hydrogen peroxide. Reusable High Level Disinfectant for reprocessing semi-critical medical devices.

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Revital-Ox™ Resert® High Level

Revital-Ox Resert HLD

Available for sale in Canada only. An oxidative chemistry that offers a safe alternative to the hazards associated with aldehydes.

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becoming Aldehyde-free