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Decontamination Sinks

STERIS's Decontamination Sinks are designed to streamline workflow and increase compliance in reprocessing departments. Each decontamination sink promotes compliance with all of the tools required to safely and effectively manually clean surgical instruments. The stainless steel decontamination sinks are available in various configurations and with height-adjustable options to suit staff's ergonomic needs.

Fixed Height and Height Adjustable
Reprocessing Sinks

AMSCO™ 70 Series Reprocessing Sink

Fixed Height and Height Adjustable Reprocessing Sinks
AMSCO 70 Series Reprocessing Sink
  • Fixed height and height adjustable configurations available
  • Single, dual or triple bay
  • Air pistol, water pistol and pure water faucet come standard for safe and effective manual instrument cleaning
  • Continuous temperature monitoring and recording
  • Sonic Klenz* bay provides post-cleaning consistent performance with automated degas cycle
  • Electronic height-adjusted counter promotes ergonomics
  • Aqua Klenz* pre-cleaning bay designed to agitate and loosen soils

*Not all features available on all models.