proven safety perfor­mance

At STERIS, safety is at the forefront of everything we do and we strive to provide safe, effective, quality products and services. We take our responsibility for public health and the safety of patients and providers very seriously and are committed to compliance with established legal, regulatory and ethical standards.

STERIS recognizes the importance of safety and recommends compliance with all appropriate and applicable standards that are designed to keep you safe. With the V-PRO Sterilizers, STERIS has implemented safety measures in every component of the product design and makes safety recommendations in accordance with established OSHA and AAMI Standards.

Below is a highlight of the safety measures put in place to protect your staff and patients.

Safety features of V-PRO Sterilizers

  1. Cycle tape and control screen clearly document when a cycle has successfully completed or aborted ensuring only correctly processed loads are used when needed.
  2. The control screens prompt the user to confirm that the load being run matches the cycle selected to assure sterile efficacy.
  3. The shelves in the chamber can be pulled out to place the loads that are to be processed on it to reduce rips or tears and avoid delayed surgeries
  4. Oil lamp indicators on the control screen provide an easy to interpret reminder to schedule preventive maintenance and reduce the possibility of oil misting or odors. This ensures that your equipment is performing optimally and operating when you need it the most.
  5. The design of the exhaust system ensures that the sterilant first passes through a catalytic converter to prevent the rest of the exhaust systems from being exposed to the gas and therefore minimizing damage and subsequent leaks or odors
  6. No toxic process residuals remain on devices post-processing in a V-PRO Sterilizer. Additionally, STERIS has demonstrated through testing, including user testing, that hydrogen peroxide vapor levels surrounding V-PRO Sterilizers are safe and well below OSHA established time weighted average (TWA) of 1 ppm (1.4 mg/m3).
  7. The simplicity of the V-PRO process to remove residuals, without the need for plasma, allows the chamber to be fully utilized, and eliminates all aborted cycles or coil damage due to the load contacting the plasma coil.

Safety features of VAPROX Sterilant

  1. The VAPROX® HC Sterilant cup is engineered for easy handling and to prevent accidental spillage. Under normal conditions of use, the VAPROX HC Sterilant cup, containing 59% hydrogen peroxide, is sealed, and the sterilant cannot be accessed without physically damaging the cup.
  2. Once placed in the unit, the sterilant cup interface door remains locked until the cup is empty protecting the user from being exposed to punctured or partially full cups.
  3. AAMI ST58:2013 requires the personnel should always wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when using hydrogen peroxide gas sterilizers. Therefore, wearing PPE, such as chemical resistant gloves when handling a VAPROX HC Sterilant Cup is recommended for maintaining compliance in accordance with AAMI ST58:2013. To recommend otherwise would be recommending nonconformance to national standards.

General Safety Recommendations

  1. Eyewash Stations: OSHA and AAMI ST58:2013 (See Section 4) requires that eye wash stations must be available for immediate emergency use in all places where chemicals are used. STERIS requires eye wash stations in accordance with these recognized standards and guidelines
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): AAMI ST58:2013 (Appendix H.4.1.1) states that personnel should always wear appropriate PPE when using hydrogen peroxide gas sterilizers. STERIS recommends wearing gloves when working with the V-PRO Sterilizers, in accordance with the AAMI guidelines.
  3. Air Exchanges: In accordance with AAMI guidelines for SPD design, STERIS recommends that unit be installed in the location with 10 air exchanges per hour.
  4. For additional information on the safety of the V-PRO Sterilizers, you can refer to the Technical Data Monograph. This document summarizes all the testing that STERIS has performed on the V-PRO Sterilizers for microbicidal efficacy, material compatibility, biocompatibility testing and safety.