STERIS® OT 1000 Series Orthopedic Surgical Table
SWAN Technology

Designed with Productivity, Versatility and Safety in mind

The STERIS OT 1000 Series Orthopedic Table provides precise patient positioning for access at every point. Whether an Anterior Approach Total Hip Arthroplasty (AATHA), fracture reduction or arthroplasty is scheduled, it is amazing how simple it is to position the patient with repeatable accuracy. These tables accommodate a wide range of patients - from pediatric patients to adults up to 7 feet tall. From superior clinician control to simple patient airway access, the STERIS OT 1000 Series Orthopedic Table puts every OR professional where he or she needs to be.

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Advancing Care through Practical Innovation.

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  • Lateral Slide: translate the tabletop to improve surgical access to the patient and achieve greater imaging

  • Dual Position Sacral Rest: improve imaging area with unobstructed views and facilitate positioning requirements

  • Femur Lift Adjustments (AATHA package): universal attachment design and control to provide interoperative gross and fine adjustments

  • Innovative Traction Boot: achieve sustained traction during the produce with this open boot design


  • Articulating Head Section: lower the head section for improved access to the patient's airway

  • Data-rich Hand Control: obtain information about table articulations; illuminated screen for easy viewing and LEDs to highlight keys on the touchpad.


  • Full Traction Slide and Rotation: experience full gross and fine traction positioning along with internal and external rotation, part of SWAN technology

  • Spar controls: adjust the controls to suit left- or right-handed users; safety lock engages immediately upon release, part of SWAN technology

  • Spar Accessory Clamp: adjust along the entire spar to accommodate a broader range of patients

  • Drive Wheel: easily maneuver the table throughout the perioperative area with a single user


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