Other ICU Equipment

HexaLux Exam Light

HexaLux® Exam Light

  • Delivers up to 65,000 lux of pure, white LED light
  • Includes five light intensity levels and configurations that mount to the ceiling, wall or mobile unit
AMSCO Single Compartment Warming Cabinets

AMSCO® Single Compartment Warming Cabinets

  • Single heating chamber with up to 4.2 cu. ft. total capacity
  • Intended for warming of IV fluids, irrigation solutions, linens and blankets

Other Surgical Booms

HarmonyAIR Equipment Column

HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Multiple arm length combinations with optional vertical adjustment capability
HarmonyAIR Supply Head

HarmonyAIR® Supply Head

  • Compact horizontal orientation for anesthesia and perfusion needs
  • Straight drop units for small spaces
HarmonyAIR Smoke Evacuation System

HarmonyAIR® Smoke Evacuation System

  • Integrated installation and compact design frees vital shelf space
  • Variable filter life reduces per procedure costs
HarmonyAIR Accessories

HarmonyAIR® Accessories

  • Hundreds of customizable accessories available
  • Provides flexibility, modularity, and ergonomics in the OR
HarmonyAIR Monitor Carrier

HarmonyAIR® Monitor Carrier

  • Monitor mounting system for complex room environments
  • Compatible with any imaging vendor and imaging system