Surgical Lights

HarmonyAIR M-Series Surgical Lighting System

HarmonyAIR® M-Series Surgical Lighting System

  • Delivers up to 160,000 lux of pure, white light
  • Consumes 1/3 the power of previous LED technology
  • Offers better tissue discrimination with a CRI of up to 96
HarmonyAIR G-Series Surgical Lighting System

HarmonyAIR® G-Series Surgical Lighting System

  • Uses a single-color, phosphor coated LED chip for crisp, white light
  • Superior deep-cavity illumination
  • Consumes less than 1/3 the power of previous generations of LEDs

Surgical Booms

HarmonyAIR Equipment Column

HarmonyAIR® Equipment Column

  • Sleek, compact design
  • Multiple arm length combinations with optional vertical adjustment capability
  • Precision placement with electromechanical brakes and robust bearings
  • Future-ready for modular growth with accessories

HarmonyAIR Supply Head

HarmonyAIR® Supply Head

  • Compact horizontal orientation for anesthesia and perfusion needs
  • Straight drop units for small spaces
  • Multiple arm length combinations with optional vertical adjustment capability
HarmonyAIR Monitor Carrier

HarmonyAIR® Monitor Carrier

  • Monitor mounting system for complex room environments
  • Compatible with any imaging vendor and imaging system
  • 4 configurations available to accommodate multiple specialties or requirements

Other Operating Room Equipment

Surgical Tables

Surgical Tables

  • General surgical tables
  • Orthopedic surgical tables
  • Radiolucent imaging surgical tables
Surgical Displays

Surgical Displays

  • Surgical field and wall-mounted displays
  • Deliver HD and 4K visualization within the surgical field
OR Integration

OR Integration

  • Designed to improve workflow, procedure guidance and peer collaboration
  • Deliver scalable solutions to best fit the diverse needs of the OR
OR Storage Solutions

OR Storage Solutions

  • Stationary OR storage cabinets
  • Endoscope storage cabinets
  • Mobile storage carts