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New! V-PRO Sterilizer Environmental Safety Information. Read the full article.
Evolve to a higher standard of reprocessing: Liquid Chemical Sterilization
VERIFY RESI-TEST Cleaning Indicator
Device matrix
V-PRO 60 Low Temperature Sterilization System

Sterile Processing Solutions

Device Compatibility Matrix

Washing Systems

Washing Systems

Surgical Instrument
Cleaning Chemistries

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries



STERIS offers the ideal combination of products and services to help ensure that your CS department runs as efficiently as possible.

Experience a more complete clean with surgical instrument cleaning chemistry solutions from STERIS.

High Temperature Sterilization
V-PRO® Low Temperature
Sterilization Systems

Sterility Assurance

Sterility Assurance Products

SYSTEM 1E® Liquid Chemical
Sterilant Processing System

Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System

CS-iQ Sterile Processing Workflow Management Software

CS-iQ Sterile Processing Workflow Management Software

Biological Indicators
Chemical Indicators
Equipment Control Products
Load Control Products
Pack Control Products
Process Control Products
Record Keeping and Labeling

Integral in the perioperative loop, SYSTEM 1E Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System is designed to improve the flow of the OR. In 23-minutes, you're ready for the next procedure.

The three modules of CS-iQ software promote productivity, traceability and compliance across your department.

STERIS Professional
Services Group

STERIS Professional Services Group

Certified Pre-owned

Certified Pre-owned Equipment

Sterile Processing
Department Accessories

Sterile Processing Department Accessories

Need help managing central sterile processing? Count on the performance improvement experts of STERIS Professional Services Group. We focus on optimizing sterile processing workflow.

STERIS Pre-Owned Equipment is hand selected, meticulously inspected, thoroughly reconditioned and confidently backed with a full one-year warranty.

Decontamination Sinks
Chrome wire shelving
Cart washer racks
Stainless steel transport
Ameriwater® - Water Treatment System
AMSCO® Prep & Pack Table
Steam Sterilizer loading equipment

SP Head

STERIS addresses your instrument management and reprocessing needs with integrated product and service programs.

Our focus is on protecting your valuable surgical instruments, increasing your productivity through simplified SPD processes, and enhancing patient and personnel safety. Along with being environmentally friendly, our products lower your total cost of ownership by not only reducing cycle times and utility costs, but also increasing equipment load capacities. STERIS connectivity provides you with visibility to instrumentation, OR scheduling, service requirements, and reprocessing documentation.

Device Compatibility Wizards


Device Compatibility Wizards

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