SecureCare® Surgical Display Replace, Refurbish, Repair Program

Surgical displays play an important role in an integrated operating room by providing surgeons with greater visual clarity to enhance efficiency and reduce eye fatigue during surgery. Keeping these monitors operating at peak performance is vital to meeting the high demands of a fast-paced OR. SecureCare Services offers three flexible options for all budgets to replace, refurbish or repair your surgical displays.

  • Surgical Display Replace Program
  • Surgical Display Refurbish Program
  • Surgical Display Repair Program

Three Flexible Service Options for your Surgical Displays


Trade in your existing surgical displays and receive new Vividimage® D HD Surgical Displays with the purchase of a 5-year Comprehensive Service Contract.

  • Retail value of $9,500 per display
  • Shipping and install included
  • Impact shield included with each new display
  • Experience vivid visualization without glare


Exchange existing surgical displays and purchase refurbished Vividimage D HD Surgical Displays at a low cost.


Repair **

STERIS will make any necessary repairs to surgical displays and offer loaner displays while repairs are taking place.

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SecureCare Surgical Display Replace, Refurbish, Repair Program

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*Contracts terminated before end of 5-year period are subject to a charge for monitors received.
**Shipping and install billed separately. Not all surgical display types may be supported.