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STERIS Support for In-house Service Teams

In-House Partnership Program

STERIS Support for In-house Partnership Program Service Teams

How Can We Help You?

Your team is expected to service a wide variety and volume of equipment from high tech radiology to basic steam and water systems.

And, they're expected to be available on a moment's notice when any of that equipment breaks down.

So, sometimes you may need a little help.

SecureCare In-House Partnership Program 24/7 contact center

With STERIS SecureCare In-House Partnership Program,
you create your own plan based on your specific needs.

  • Priority technical support, expert OEM troubleshooting
    and parts ID
  • ProConnect™ Response Center 24/7 proactive equipment monitoring, issue resolution and reporting for all connected STERIS equipment including predictive maintenance alerts
  • Labor, OEM parts, preventive maintenance, installation, specialty services and staff training
  • OR Performance Checks – OEM wellness/safety inspections & adjustments of OR equipment
  • Single Inspection, Maintenance, Parts & Labor Kits (SIMPL Kits) at prices competitive with in-house costs
  • STERIS online Customer Care Center for access to equipment performance reports, schedule service and purchase service parts