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STERIS Hints & Tips

Chamber Cleaning Services

Hints and Tips

Small and Medium Sterilizer Maintenance and Performance Enhancement Tips

Did you know that sterilizers need daily, weekly and annual cleaning? Regular cleanings can make a world of difference with a sterilizer. It takes a few minutes each day, and you need to do a little extra once a week and once a year, but if you are diligent, your sterilizer will look much better.

STERIS Chamber Cleaning System - The Power of Clean

AORN recommends regular sterilizer chamber cleaning in its equipment maintenance supplement to ensure your sterilizer continues to perform to your expectations. Over time, substances accumulate on sterilizer chamber walls and can contaminate packs and hinder autoclave performance. STERIS's patented Sterilizer Chamber Cleaning System removes substances from chamber walls, without damaging the surface of your sterilizer. Our thoughtful process is environmentally safe. *Plus, it is compact and self-contained, so you don't have to shut down adjacent equipment during cleaning.

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly or As Needed
  • Annually
  1. Clean the chamber drain strainer:
    Inspect and remove any debris from strainer, clear screen with brush or wire, rinse under running water and replace.
    Clean the Chamber Drain Strainer Daily

  2. Flush the steam generator:
    Follow operator manual generator flush procedure to prevent mineral scaling and/or carryover into the chamber.

  3. Conduct Bowie-Dick test:
    Run test each day before using the sterilizer. If prevac cycles are used, run DART or AAMI ST8 B-D test pack to detect air leaks.
  1. Flush the Chamber Drain
    Cool sterilizer completely, shut off steam supply, flush drain with mild detergent or TSP solution as described in the operator manual.

  2. Inspect printer paper and ribbon:
    Verify adequate paper supply and determine if ribbon is printing clearly; replace if needed.
  1. Chamber must be at room temperature before washing.
    Wash the inside of the chamber and shelf assembly (plus any other loading equipment) with a mild detergent solution such as STERIS Liqui-Jet 2 Detergent. Never use a wire brush, abrasives or steel wool on door and chamber assembly. Do not use cleaners containing chloride on stainless-steel surfaces. Chloride based cleaners will deteriorate stainless steel eventually leading to failure of the vessel.

    Liqui-Jet 2 Instrument Detergent
  1. Have chamber professionally cleaned annually or as needed.
    STERIS's patented chamber cleaning system removes substances on chamber walls that can contaminate packs and hinder sterilizer performance. Elimination of chamber residue may result in:
    • Reduced contaminated and rejected packs
    • Less potential for drain system blockage
    • Easier routine operator cleaning
    • Improved sterilizer chamber aesthetics

  2. Additionally:
    Our chamber cleaning system promotes drying capability by eliminating residue that may prevent heat from radiating from chamber walls. It also does not harm the surface of the sterilizer chamber.

Eliminate chamber residue and see the results:
  • Reduced contaminated and rejected packs
  • Less potential for drain system blockage
  • Easier routine operator cleaning
  • Improved sterilizer chamber aesthetics

* Process is enclosed (except on floor loader or non-STERIS units with various door sizes). Acid and Alkaline are neutralized prior to disposal.

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Chamber Cleaning Customer Feedback

"I felt that the gentlemen worked well with our schedule and they were very respectful to work with. I would recommend a call to see how the autoclaves are looking in about a year to see if we need to schedule a return visit."

"Things went well. The gentlemen were pleasant and easy to work around. Thanks again."

"We are very pleased with the results of the cleaning. The team was very efficient. Thank you for the clean hints."

"Feedback from CS staff that followed the cleaning process of both Steris sterilizers were positive and satisfied with the approachability of cleaning staff to accommodate the patients needs. Thank you for your services."

"The autoclaves look wonderful! Steve was very accommodating working with our schedule. The SP techs told me he was very pleasant, did his work without interfering with their work flow. Please let him know his efforts were truly appreciated. Thank you for also working with us and for sending the maintenance instructions. I forwarded them on to our SP techs. Please check with us in a year! Thanks again for everything!"

"Hello, I got your message and I just wanted to let you know that everything went fine with the chamber cleanings. They all look really good. Thanks so much for calling to check in!"

"Someone passed on an email about our upcoming autoclave cleaning on February 9th. I appreciate your setting this up for us. The previous cleaning was very professional, and our autoclaves looked beautiful like they did years ago! Please pass on to your technicians that we sincerely appreciate the great job that they do."

"Had exciting feedback from the staff on the terrific job the workers did on this project. Very classy was my impression. I plan to report to the board meeting this week on the results..."