STERIS Parts for Your STERIS Equipment

Frequently Ordered Parts

  Replacement Parts for Sterilizers

Printer Ribbon

  • P150828440
  • Used on STERIS Small
Replacement Parts for Washers

Printer Paper

  • P129359008
  • Used on STERIS Sterilizers and Washers
  Replacement Parts for Low Temperature

Door Seal

  • P129373376
  • Used on STERIS Medium
Replacement Parts for Sonics

PM Pack S1E

  • P764334466
  • Used on SYSTEM 1E® Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing Systems
  Replacement Parts for Surgical Tables

Steam Trap

  • P764080001
  • Used on STERIS Small and Medium Sterilizers
Replacement Parts for Surgical Lights

Hand Control For 3080 RL/3085 SP Surgical Tables

  • P141210318
  • Used on STERIS 3080 RL and 3085 SP Surgical tables
  Replacement Parts for Warming Cabinets

Power Supply 3080/3085

Used On Units Manufactured
PRIOR To July 26 2002

  • P141210552
  • Used on STERIS 3080/3085 Surgical Tables
Replacement Parts for Scrub Sinks

Power Supply 3085

Used On Units Manufactured
AFTER July 25 2002

  • P134469515
  • Used on STERIS 3085 Surgical Tables

Replacement Parts for Ethylene Oxide

Hand Control For CMAX/4085/5085 Surgical Tables

  • P150832632
  • Used on STERIS CMAX, 4085 and 5085 Surgical Tables

Replacement Parts for
Equipment Management Systems

Replacement Fan Kit For 5th Generation Warming Cabinets

  • P413720635
  • STERIS 5th Generation Warming Cabinets
  Replacement Parts for OR Storage

Hand Control Cord For 3080RC/3080RL/3085SP Surgical Tables

  • P764328571
  • Used on STERIS 3080RC, 3080RL and 3085 SP Surgical Tables