Ultrasonic Cleaners

Advancements in surgical instrument design have dramatically improved patient outcomes. These intricately-designed surgical instruments and devices have made manual cleaning more labor intensive and challenging for decontamination department staff. STERIS Ultrasonic Cleaners help increase efficiency in the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) through powerful ultrasonic cleaning capabilities, maximum capacity, and staff-focused designs. Reprocess a variety of surgical instruments from delicate ophthalmic, laparoscopic, to heavy orthopedic instruments. Some units are also validated to reprocess da Vinci® EndoWrist®* instruments.

InnoWave™ Ultra+
Sonic Irrigator


InnoWave™ Pro
Sonic Irrigator

Ultrasonic Ultra+ Sonic Irrigator
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems - InnoWave Pro Sonic Irrigator
  • Process up to 12 lumens per cycle
  • Sonic Irrigation reaches both external and internal surfaces
  • Simple operation with touch screen control
  • Reprocess 60 lumened instruments, or up to
    66 lbs. in every cycle
  • Automated lid carrier for maximum ergonomics
  • Uses ultrasonic technology that maximizes productivity through a balance of exceptional ease of use and world-class throughput

InnoWave™ PCF
Sonic Irrigator


Caviwave® Pro
Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems - InnoWave PCF Sonic Irrigator
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems - Caviwave Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  • Sonic irrigation in internal channels
  • Reprocess 20 lumened instruments, or up to
    44 lbs. in every cycle
  • Ultrasonic cleaner designed to increase workflow and help you keep pace with busy ORs
  • Validated daVinci®* Instrument Cycle
  • 10 lumen flush ports

Ultrasonic Cleaning System


Reliance® Table Top
Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems - Caviwave Ultrasonic Cleaning System
Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems - Reliance Ultrasonic Cleaning System
  • Customizable cycle times
  • 10 lumen flush ports
  • Designed for smaller spaces
  • Complete removal of film and small particles

* daVinci® and EndoWrist® are registered trademarks of Intuitive Surgical®, Inc.


Ultrasonic Cleaner Monitoring

VERIFY Ultrasonic Indicator


VERIFY Ultrasonic Indicator

  • Evaluates the ultrasonic cycle
  • Synthetic test soil mimics blood and tissues found on surgical instruments
  • Realistic challenge produced by the holder's design that mimics intricate surgical instruments
  • Zone Monitoring evaluates the entire tank, not only a single section
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