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Valsure® Cleaning Chemistries

Valsure Cleaning Chemistries is an economical family of cleaning chemistries, which are formulated to clean surgical instruments and other medical devices. These chemistries can be used for both manual and automated cleaning processes, such as washer/disinfectors or ultrasonic cleaners. Valsure Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries effectively:

  • Loosens and dissolves organic material
  • Improves cleaning productivity via a low foaming formula
  • Reduces environmental impact through its biodegradable formula


ValSure Cleaning Chemistries

ValSure Enzymatic Cleaner

Valsure® Enzymatic Cleaner

  • Effective enzymatic cleaner that loosens and dissolves organic material

ValSure Neutral Detergent

Valsure® Neutral Detergent

  • Effective neutral pH detergent that has broad-spectrum substrate compatibility

ValSure Alkaline Detergent

Valsure® Alkaline Detergent

  • Effective alkaline detergent that removes organic material and holds it in suspension
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