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STERIS Acu-sInQ Enzymatic Dosing System

  • Programmable unit with Customer defined pass code
  • Temperature monitor alerts Customer when water temperature is out of range and holds steady when within range
  • Multiple dosing levels of 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or 1 oz. per gallon or corresponding metric measurement can be selected
  • Easy-to-use Start button initiates self-priming of chemistries


STERIS Acu-sInQ Enzymatic Dosing System
The STERIS Acu-sInQ Enzymatic Dosing System dispenses precise amounts of chemistries for manual washing.

The system includes main control/pump unit, water temperature monitor, chemical supply line with weight and filter, chemical discharge line with check valve, and attaching hardware.

How STERIS Acu-sInQ Enzymatic Dosing System Works
The STERIS Acu-sInQ Enzymatic Dosing System uses an electronically controlled peristaltic pump to dispense chemistries.

Why STERIS Acu-sInQ Enzymatic Dosing System?

  • Cost-Savings – Since this system is designed to dispense the precise amount of chemistry, less waste occurs at the sink.
  • Reliability – Water temperature monitoring and constant, precise dosages ensures optimal cleaning
  • Efficiency – This device is easy-to-use and only requires one press of the Start button
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