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Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner

  • Low foam profile provides compatibility with ultrasonic cleaners and automated washer/disinfectors
  • Superior instrument and capital protection capabilities using specially formulated corrosion inhibitors
  • Broad spectrum substrate compatibility, including select soft metals


The Prolystica HP family of products is 2X concentrated, delivering more uses per container with less inventory. Formulated specifically for automated washing, Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner is formulated with a low foam profile, corrosion inhibitors for superior instrument and equipment protection, and broad-spectrum substrate compatibility.

How Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner Works

Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner low foam profile provides compatibility with ultrasonic cleaners and automated washer/disinfectors. This high performance alkaline detergent uses specifically-formulated corrosion inhibitors to provide superior instrument and capital protection.

Why Prolystica® HP Alkaline Automated Detergent & Manual Cleaner?

  • Ultimate Cleaning – Provides a high level of cleaning performance on difficult-to-remove surgical soils, such as blood, tissues, lipids, and mucous
  • Ultimate Protection – Designed to optimize recirculation pump pressure of high-impingement ultrasonic cleaners and automated washers by de-foaming surgical soils
  • Ultimate Savings – Offers savings on surgical instruments, maintenance, utilities and the planet

Other Prolystica HP Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Prolystica HP Enzymatic Manual Cleaner

  • Formula specifically designed for manual cleaning

Prolystica HP Neutral Detergent/Cleaner

  • Can be used in both manual cleaning and automated washing processes
  • Broad spectrum substrate compatibility with stainless steel, plastic, aluminum and soft metals

Prolystica HP Enzymatic Automated Detergent

  • Formula specifically designed for automated washing

Other Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Point of Use Chemistries

  • Designed to be used at point of surgical procedures to initiate pre-cleaning

ValSure Cleaning Chemistries

  • Cleans effectively for the value-conscious Customer

Specialty Chemistries

  • Designed for the removal of a wide range of soils on a variety of medical instruments

Prolystica Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

  • Leading brand of surgical instrument cleaning chemistries
  • Removes hard-to-remove organic soils such as fatty lipids and proteins

Cart Washer Chemistries

  • Designed for use in cart washers/ disinfectors

Cleaning Indicators

VERIFY RESI-TEST Cleaning Indicators

  • Verify both exterior or lumens of medical devices are clean before high level disinfection or sterilization

VERIFY All Clean Test Washer Indicator

  • Provides a consistent, reproducible method to routinely check the performance of your automated washer/disinfector process and instrument cleaning chemistry functionality
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