Air Removal Test/Bowie Dick Test

Air Removal/Bowie Dick Tests help detect residual air that can impact the performance of steam sterilizers. STERIS offers different options for the Removal Tests giving you more choices to pick the test pack that meets your needs.

VERIFY® Bowie-Dick Test Pack


DART® Daily Air Removal Test

VERIFY Bowie-Dick Test Pack


DART Daily Air Removal Test

  • Unique failure patterns of the test can point out potential failures, helping to get your sterilizer up and running quickly
  • Made without lead, heavy metals, latex or dry natural rubber
  • Multiple sheets of paper provide the heat sink necessary to meet ANSI/AAMI 11140-5 standards for Type 2 chemical indicators
  • Best-in-class and sensitive Air Removal test (Bowie Dick Test) to detect residual air
  • Dead-end lumen design provides the necessary challenge to meet ANSI/AAMI 11140-4 standards for Type 2 chemical indicators

VERIFY® Bowie-Dick Test Card


VERIFY  Bowie-Dick Test Card

  • Fully-enclosed credit-card sized Air Removal Test creates no paper waste
  • Meets ANSI/AAMI 11140-5 standards for Type 2 chemical indicators
  • Record the test cycle information directly on the Bowie Dick Test Card and maintain as a permanent record
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