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General Instrument Cleaning Brushes

  • Large bristles provide strong cleaning power for a wide range of medical devices
  • Various general cleaning brushes available including toothbrush, valve, burr, bone reamer and pipe cleaner style


How General Cleaning Brushes Work

STERIS General Cleaning Brushes for surgical instrument cleaning offer large bristles that provide strong cleaning power. Find the right brush from a wide variety of styles, from basic utility surgical instrument cleaning brushes to specialized bone reamer and valve brushes.

Common uses:

  • Retractors
  • Forceps
  • Boxlocks
  • Basins & Sinks
  • Orthopedic devices

Why STERIS General Cleaning Brushes?

Clean surfaces of surgical instruments and medical devices, with various sizes and bristle types available on brushes such as burr, valve, curved cleaning, toothbrush and more.


All-purpose Cleaning Brushes

All-Purpose Cleaning Brushes

Increase productivity in your sterile processing department when you use general brushes to clean larger surfaces such as bowls, basins and sinks.

SKU Description Diameter (mm) Length (in) Head (in)  
PK458000 Large White Handle Brush NA 7 1.25 x 2.5
PK457000 White Box Lock Brush NA 7 0.75 x 2.75
PK45830 Long Handle Utility Brush with Nylon Bristles NA 20 3.5 x 3.5
PK694B Large Blue Instrument Brush NA 11 5 x 1
PKP8178N Cleaning Brush with Polyfill Bristles NA 7 1.25 x 2.5
PK1820 Jar Brush 35 10.5 NA
PK45825 Utility Brush with Nylon Bristles NA 9 3.5 x 3.5
PK45998V Handheld Brush NA 5 3.25 x 1.75
1B40B3 Handle Stlye Brush with Nylon Bristles NA 7.25 NA
PR45602 Stain & Rust Remover Pad NA 6 x 4.5 NA
1B32B3 Double-Ended Brush with Nylon Bristles NA 5 NA
PK458014 Sponge Tip Brush 4 6 NA
PK810N Wood Handle, Black Nylon Bristles NA 8 0.75 x 2.5
PK8168SS Upright Wood Handle, Stainless-Steel Bristles NA 5.5 0.5 x 1
PK454005 Whitle Handle Bottle Brush 70 7 NA
PK8168N Upright Wood Handle, Black Nylon Bristles NA 5.5 0.5 x 1
PKSS206 Single Ended Cleaning Brush 11 2 NA
PK451000  Light Pipe Brush  13  NA 


Toothbrush Cleaning Brushes

Toothbrush Style Cleaning Brushes

Ready to quickly dislodge exterior soils? The toothbrush cleaning brush offering single and double-ended options is the "jack of all trades" when it comes to handling device exteriors.

Common Uses

  • Retractors
  • Forceps
  • Boxlocks
SKU Length (in) Bristle Material Description  
PK45304N 7 Nylon Ergonomic Handle
PK45304SS 7 Stainless-Steel Ergonomic Handle
PK45305N 7 Nylon Ergonomic Handle
PK45305SS 7 Stainless-Steel Ergonomic Handle
PK45303N 7 Nylon Single Ended
PK45303SS 7 Stainless-Steel Single Ended
PK45303B 7 Brass Single Ended
1B43B3 7.2 Nylon Single Ended
1B38B3 7.2 Stainless-Steel Single Ended
PKM16 7 Nylon Double Ended
PKM16SS 7 Stainless-Steel Double Ended
PK45202NS 7 Nylon & Stainless-Steel Double Ended


Valve and Port Cleaning Brushes

Valve & Port Cleaning Brushes

Used most often for cannulas, the valve brush lets you exercise the control a shorter brush length offers.

SKU Diameter (mm) Length (in)  
PK450505 5 5
PK450507 7 5
PK450510 10 5
PK350721 12 2.5
 PK45918 5 & 7 5


Reamer Cleaning Brushes

Reamer Cleaning Brushes

Provide maximum surface coverage with bone reamer brushes featuring flexible tips. 

SKU Diameter (mm) Diameter (FR) Length (in)  
PK45444 3 9 31
PKZ45881 5 15 31
PK45665 7 21 31
PK4566518 7 21 18
PK45755 Circular end - 44
Straight end - 8
N/A 6.5


Burr Cleaning Brushes

Burr Cleaning Brushes

Guide powerful cleaning of orthopedic devices like burrs, rasps and files with the burr style brush

  • High-grade plastic handles resist breaking
  • Stainless steel bristles provide powerful cleaning
SKU Length (in) Bristle Material  
1B033B3 6.5 Stainless-Steel


Pipe Cleaner

Pipe Cleaner Cleaning Brushes

Help wick away moisture and reach channels with traditional pipe cleaner brushes.

SKU Diameter (mm) Length  
PK18 3.2 12 in
PK14 6.4 12 in
PR1450 6.4 50 ft
PR1850 3.2 50 ft
Double Ended Hybrid Toothbrush/Channel Cleaning Brushes

Double Ended Hybrid Toothbrush/Channel Cleaning Brushes 

Flexibility of a channel and toothbrush combined into a single tool.

SKU Diameter (mm) Length (in) Diameter (in)  
PKPSB205 Double-Ended Specialty Brush
with Channel Brush & Toothbrush
13 0.189
PKPU201 Double-Ended Specialty Brush
with tapered Channel Brush & Toothbrush
7 .5 to .2
PKPLB206 Double-Ended Specialty Brush
with Channel & Toothbrush
12 .417 & .189


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