OT1200 Orthopedic Table and Accessory Package

Name: OT1200 Orthopedic Table and Accessory Package
Condition: Evaluation Demo

Product Description:

OT 1200 Orthopedic Surgical Table with Drive
(includes Standard Accessories plus AATHA Accessory Package)

OT 1000 Basic Fracture Table with Drive, 120V (hand controls and power cord included)
2 Inch TLT Pads Complete Set (BF771)
Wide Wedge Sacral Rest with 2 Inch TLT Pad (BF772)
Twin Perineal Post with Pad - Adult (BF773)
Traction Unit Assembly (BF774) (pair)
  • Fine Traction Device (BF688)
  • L-Shaped Static Mount Bracket (BF689)
  • Traction Boot (BF693)
Spar Accessory Clamp (BF775) (pair)
Traction Extensions L-Shaped (BF0003) (pair)
Anesthesia Armboard with 2 Inch TLT Pad (BF803)
Universal Leg Holder (BF266)
Multi-Posture Armboard with 2 Inch TLT Pad (BF432)
Patient Transfer Board with 2 Inch TLT Pad (BF213)
Clark Socket (BF083)
Femur Positioner Assembly (BF781)
  • Femur Positioner Drive (BF697)
  • Femur Positioner Rail (BF698)
  • Femur Hook (BF699)
  • Femur Drive S Bracket Attachment (BF701)
  • Femur Drive Table Attachment (Plungers) (BF702)
  • Femur Drive Foot Pedal (BF707)
Femur Hook & Rail Package (BF876)
Gross Traction Slide Package (BF782)
Perineal Post Arthroscopic Pad (BF783)

Supplemental FX Table Package
Tibia/Lateral Countertraction Support (BF00062)
Hip Rest and Pad (BF00072)
Surgical Drape Support OT 1000 Series (BF00019)
Straight Traction Extension (BF268)
Skeletal Traction Bow (BF725)
Skeletal Traction Bow/Block (BF724)
Traction Assembly Clamp (BF775)

Table Accessory Cart (BF7)

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Warranty: 1 Year
Lead Time: 5 Days Minimum *


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