Environmental surfaces such as hospital equipment and furniture can harbor infectious agents. Neutralize them in the VaproQuip Decontamination Room

Equipment Decontamination

Equipment Contamination: The Ageless Problem

Biological contamination is potentially everywhere in a hospital. Aggressive pathogens on environmental surfaces can remain viable for extended periods. High-touch, difficult-to-clean, mobile equipment and furniture are no exception. Despite the best efforts of the environmental services department, cleaners and chemicals are limited in their effectiveness.

Meet the VaproQuip System: A 21st Century Solution

STERIS, the world leader in infection prevention and decontamination, moves you forward with the VaproQuip™ Decontamination Room (Patents Pending) for noncritical items1 such as equipment, furniture and environmental surfaces. The room system, featuring Vaprox® 35% Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant2, may be used as part of a cleaning program to destroy pathogens on environmental surfaces.


vaproquip decontamination room



VaproQuip Decontamination Room


  • Modular room for decontamination of noncritical items
  • Utilizes Vaprox Sterilant to achieve six log reduction of spores
  • Engineered for safe operation away from patient care areas

1 Noncritical items as defined by the CDC as "those that come in contact with intact skin but not mucous membranes," Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities, 2008

2 Vaprox® Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilant, EPA Registration No. 58779-4. Not for use as a terminal sterilant or high-level disinfectant for reprocessing of critical or semi-critical medical devices.

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