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Medical Device Reprocessing Solutions

Central Sterile Services Departments (CSSD) are challenged with achieving higher productivity levels than ever before. Inefficiencies lead to uncertainty, increased cost and unnecessary risk. Connected solutions are the better answer to mitigate such risk. Hospitals rely on STERIS products and services to connect the critical steps in medical device reprocessing:

  • Chemistries with equipment
  • Technology with service
  • Planning with intelligence

By leveraging the strength of STERIS, your CSSD will run better every day with connected solutions, expertise and accountability.

Only STERIS provides an unbroken line of defense that is exponentially stronger when used in concert. We will help you maximize performance at every step, educate your staff and deliver world-class patient care.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Verification

Washing Systems

Surgical Instrument Cleaning Chemistries

Cleaning Indicator

Diagnostic Solutions

Washing Systems

High performance cleaning and disinfection systems

Surgical Instrument
Cleaning Chemistries

Manual and automated cleaning applications

Cleaning Indicator

Verification of
cleaning efficacy

Water Quality Analysis

Laboratory analysis and recommendations


Steam Sterilizers

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization

Liquid Chemical Sterilization

Sterility Assurance Products

Steam Sterilizers

Energy efficient autoclaves

Vaporized Hydrogen
Peroxide Sterilization

For heat-sensitive and
moisture-stable devices

Liquid Chemical

For heat-sensitive critical
and semi-critical devices

Sterility Assurance

Chemical indicators for
various modalities

Device Compatibility Diagnostic Solutions    

Device Compatibility

Reprocessing validations
by medical device

Steam Components

Laboratory analysis and recommendations


Workflow Optimization

Professional Services CS-iQ Instrument Repair Equipment Maintenance

Professional Services

Consulting services for CSSD/Perioperative

Workflow Management

Enhances productivity,
traceability and compliance

Instrument Repair

For cost-effective, refurbishment
of surgical instruments

Equipment Maintenance

Flexible service options for peak performance


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