ABS Room Decontamination in Action

STERIS Chamber Cleaning for as low as $1600*

This innovative sterilizer cleaning method utilizes a combination of mechanical and chemical actions to remove green, black, and brown residues from the inside of chamber walls. This periodic process provides an aesthetically pleasing finish without the messy, potentially destructive action from other cleaning methods such as bead blasting or polishing and grinding.

This method allows the sterilizer to remain in place, eliminating the need to remove the unit. It is minimally invasive, and cleaning can be performed either during normal working hours or during off-peak hours.

This patented process utilizes a revolutionary combination of alkaline and acid detergent cleaners, along with a specialized articulating spray nozzle. Residuals are collected in a filter cartridge, and detergent cleaners are effectively neutralized for safe disposal.

    • Removes most substances that can contaminate sterile packs
    • Promotes efficient heating within the chamber
    • Provides an aesthetically pleasing sterilizer interior
    • Environmentally friendly; detergent cleaners used in process are neutralized for
      safe and easy disposal
    • Service can be provided to any location in the hospital where 110-volt, 20-amp power is available
    • Quick, three-to five hour start-to-finish process
    • Rack/shelves on 16" and 20" units are cleaned along with chamber
    • Supports daily/weekly operator cleaning guidelines with periodic process
Service Applies to Following Equipment
    • 16" x 16" Radial Arm Door Serilizers Eagle 3000, Eagle 2000, Medallion
    • 20" x 20" Radial Arm Door Sterilizers Eagle 3000, Eagle 2000, Medallion
    • 24" x 36" Medium Radial Arm Door Sterilizers (All Chamber Depths)
      Eagle 3000, Eagle 2000, Medallion
    • 16" x 16" Sliding Door Sterilizers Century
    • 20" x 20" Sliding Door Sterilizers Century
    • 26" x 37-1/2" Medium Hinged Door Sterilizers Century

*$1600 price applies to certain models only. Travel charges extra.

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